Who’s worse, the homophobe or the homosexual that panders to him? That is the million dollar question. Ya, I know it’s very old news, a year old in fact, but can someone explain to me what in the name of Christ’s holy shit Elton John was doing singing at that insolent tub of shit Rush Limbaugh’s wedding? First he sang a duet with that juvenile homophobe Eminem and now last summer he pandered to that vastly worse homophobic pseudo-human Rush. This shit just makes my head hurt. What the fuck were you thinking, Sir E.J? Clearly you were not thinking, at least not about anything but money. That fat tub of anti-human matter you sang for? That tuskless fucking walrus you helped to make his next marriage brighter? That’s the same guy that blabbered on like this:

Explain yourself, Elton. Can you? You know, it’s turncoat fucking assholes like you that are setting the gay civil rights movement back. Consorting with the enemy isn’t brave, it’s indefensibly stupid. It’s like swimming in shark infested waters with chum and then crying when your dick gets bitten off. You ought to be ashamed of your cowardly self. You should have been standing up against that worthless fucking fuck. When he asked you to sing at his wedding, the least you should have fucking done was said “No thanks you gay bashing asshole.” And can someone tell me why the gay community hasn’t rained down upon E.J. like a raging shitstorm? God dammit people are stupid. Don’t give me that banal shit about picking your battles. Any battle against that disgusting throat turd called Rush Limbaugh is a good fight. It’s a righteous fight. People should be shouting this asshat down everywhere he goes. Anon should be hacking his program and silencing that ignorant shit once and for all.

Go fuck yourself, E.J… I mean “SIR” E.J. I wouldn’t want to offend your delicate British sensibilities. You really gave that tub of steaming walrus semen a lot of ammunition, you know that? Now he can claim to be one of the nice guys that “accepts” homosexuality and can deny being a homophobic asshole just because he had you sing at his wedding. “See how open I am?” says the king of oxycontin. “I let a gay man participate in the fourth most special wedding ceremony and the eighth happiest day of my life!”

Blubbering bovine vagina says, "You know your marriage is a sham, right Elton? It's supposed to be between a man and a woman." Sir EJ replies, "It can't be any more of a sham than a marriage between a walrus and a mannequin can it? Pay up, lard ass."

I like how blubber lips blabbered in that video about some conservatards trying to get the world to think they aren’t mean people and how we might come to like them. Guess what, Rush. You aren’t a nice guy. None of you are, not even the “recalcitrant” ones. In fact, all rethuglicans are recalcitrant examples of the corrupted gene pool. And furthermore, I could never come to like you or your disgusting ilk. Conservatards are vile, self-serving contemptible creatures. They have no respect for human life (beyond their own) and even less respect for the entirety of this planet. They shriek about smaller government and then try to expand it by limiting a woman’s reproductive choices and a gay couple’s right to commit their lives to one another and a poor person’s ability to afford food and an elderly person’s access to the voting polls. Go ahead, teatards. I dare you to prove me wrong. Prove to me conservatards are anything but parasitic opportunists, preying on the weak and stripping them of what’s rightfully theirs. You all remind me of hemorrhoids: you’re painfully obvious, difficult to fully get rid of, and lacking in any kind of usefulness. At least you can excise a hemorrhoid with a quick and painful procedure. What’s the answer with you cretins? Give you your own country? Without the poor, the gay, the Parkinson’s afflicted, the compassionate, the higher melanin containing citizens, who are you gonna bully? At least Rush’s shitty radio program would then become obsolete. 15 million listeners certainly CAN be wrong. But then again, maybe I’m faking it.

“He is exaggerating the affects of his anger… He is moving all around and (writing)… It is purely and act. This is the only time I have seen (Sturm Von Zorn) portray any symptoms of the (anger) he has. He can control himself enough to stay on (topic) and he can control himself enough to keep his eye right on (the computer screen), but his (fingers) and (mind) are moving all over the place. This is really shameless folks. This is really shameless of (Sturm Von Zorn). Either he didn’t take his medication or he’s acting.”

Excellence in broadcasting my ass. Go fuck yourself Rush. You too, Sir lapdog E.J.



P.S. As long as conservatards like Rush engage so freely in ad hominem attacks, so too shall I… and remember… I’m a shit ton better at it.