Flush Bimbo says, "After overdosing on sildenafil citrate (which my insurance readily pays for even though I'm rich) and then watching my wife come to fake orgasm just to get me to stop sweating and heaving on top of her, I like to listen to that disgusting homo Elton's music while contemplating the greatness of my sheer existence. It's good to be king of the teatards!"

Pill problems. What does Flush Bimbo know about pills? So it would appear that the king of the teatards, the oxycontin eatin’ asshole, the master of misogyny went and spoke out of turn and without thought (which is every time he flaps his smegma encrusted jowls) . I’m sorry, but did he actually call that vastly more intelligent and useful law student Sandra Fluke a whore, a slut, a harlot for going before our ineffectual (all of ’em for different reasons) politicians in support of birth control? For those of you who haven’t been paying attention or work too much to always catch the news, here is Flush’s self imposed debacle of embraced insanity. Now it may come as a surprise to you that I don’t like Flush. I hate him in fact. If he ate one too many twice baked pork rinds topped with sour cream, pepper jack and bacon and died from a coronary, I wouldn’t cry, in fact I’d cheer. Maybe not as loud as if Al Queda flew a plane into the Daytona 500, but I’d cheer none the less. He is a wicked creature, an abomination of human conscience who deserves nothing less than to suffer as all rats do at the hand of an overdose of D-con. He is horrible. He is heinous. He is a tax (something he hates) on society. There is no excuse and even less defense for the continuation of his existence. Hopefully he’ll soon pull an Andrew Breitbart. Man I smiled the day Andy died. Good riddance.

But let’s put my rationality aside for just a moment and speak to the abomination that is Flush Bimbo’s belief system. He, like ALL present day conservatives, believes that birth control is evil. Does he believe it separates us from his misogynistic god? Yaaaawn. Probably. Anytime anyone brings religion into the debate they automatically lose. Let’s assume for one minute that he does NOT have the ambitions of his typical religious zealot followers. Even without the mentioning of religion, he believes that all women who use and/or believe birth control should be covered by assistance programs/insurance are sluts. Don’t believe me? Read the fucking article.

Now what is typical of him and his slimy ilk is that they believe birth control should not be covered for any women, but they do believe wholeheartedly that Viagra should be covered for any men. Typical of the Davie Koch idolizing morands. Take this proof positive quote from admiral dipshit:

“Three thousand dollars for birth control in three years? That’s a thousand dollars a year of sex — and, she wants us to pay for it. … They’re admitting before congressional committee that they’re having so much sex they can’t afford the birth control pills!” 

This one quote is the only quote you need to read to realize how dangerously ignorant and fundamentally wrong Flush and his tea tardy followers are. He’s an idiot for many reasons but here because he clearly thinks that birth control is taken on an as needed basis, as if you only take a few doses here and there when you want to have the occasional round of seedy power banging. Hey Flush! It’s a continuous dose. The ladies take it every day save one week a month to make sure they bleed as nature dictates. It doesn’t matter if they fuck once an hour or once a year, the dose is the fucking same and it has to remain so in order to ensure efficacy. You’d think a guy who’s been married as many times and has flopped around like a crippled, tusk-less walrus on top of as many plastic, mannequin-esque bimbos as Flush has would understand this. But he doesn’t. And neither do any of his asshole, oxygen wasting followers. And trust me, assholes. I have insurance and my wife and I end up paying $750 out of pocket each year to prevent little ones who would be vastly more socially adept and productive and useful than Rush from escaping into the world. This is of course not even touching the fact that birth control, a hormonal regulating agent, can and IS used for an incredible number of reasons beyond preventing babies.

"With my Viagra script I shall now be able to spread my seed across this great country of mine as easily as campaign financing for wickedly ignorant and willfully malignant Republicans. Thank you Pfizer!"

But would conservatives like Flush or Santorum or O’Reilly or Cain or Palin or Perry understand the facts? Would they even care? No, because “god” (not capitalized to emphasize insignificance) commands that we don’t prevent birth. He (it’s ALWAYS a he) wants us to proliferate, because he created semen and eggs and they are meant to meet in a warm, dark, moist place to create babies. Really Flush? God made it that way? What about your flaccid pecker? Isn’t that the way god made it? If you can’t pop wood to stick it to your heinous wife (I sure as shit couldn’t get it up for her either), then isn’t that just the way it’s supposed to be? Your dick ain’t meant to get thick asshole. “god” said so. Tough shit. Fuck you if you think we should pay for your Viagra which I guarantee is more expensive than birth control. If you don’t approve of birth control for all those female sluts, then we sure as shit shouldn’t pay for Viagra for all those male sluts either, especially lurching, lumbering, useless walruses like yourself. Fair is fair, asshole. Oh, and Flush? Your precious sildenafil? That IS taken on an as needed basis, morand, and you don’t need anymore. You’re cut off you blubbering fucking bovine cunt.

But I’m wasting my calories thundering away on this keyboard. Those who need to hear and accept this never will. They are beyond reach and well beyond reproach according to their imaginary and misogynistic petulant child god. My smart followers get it. All I can say is I wish Flush’s parents had used birth control. All types simultaneously; condoms, sponges, pills, and spermicidal creams, just to prevent the creation of one of the worst mutations of the current human gene pool. Of course then who would have assisted with the proliferation of the opium trade? Certainly Afghanistan would be in an economic crisis greater than the one that is currently plaguing this great country of Flush and his tea tardy followers.

Anyway, take care peeps and bang safely and with great empowerment, even if admiral dipshit and his sheeple will call you a slut or a harlot or a prostitute for doing so. Because Flush is all about equality and sensibility, I can only assume he is directing his misfiring cannons against all of us slutty males too.


P.S. Prostitutes do far more for society than Flush ever has or ever will.