You know what’s amazing to me? No, not how chocolate milk and pizza tastes at 2 a.m., it’s how no matter where you go in this bland country of ours, rednecks look and behave the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re in upstate New York or the Texas panhandle or California. Take a quick read through what this redneck shitbag did. So let me try and understand this drain on civilization, this malignant malformation’s stance. He got upset with his girlfriend and they started arguing and then the man’s seven year old son from a previous marriage  got upset because it probably reminded him of how his worthless father treated his mother. I’m guessing the previous wife left him because Sloane Briles was emotionally and physically abusive. If she DIED, at least she’s far away from this jack ass so he can’t fuck her life anymore. Anyway, so after this child gets upset and fearful about FURTHER abuse in his life, what does his big tough redneck father do to his already emotionally battered son? Does he kneel down and try and comfort him? Does he apologize and explain how wrong he was to react in anger? No, fuck that shit. In true redneck fashion, he smacks him and throws him over the side of the boat into the fucking water.

Want to see how stupid this guy is in action? Check him out on defense:



Hell, how do you even respond to a guy like this? Did you like his bumbling about his knowledge of boats, calling the stern the bow? How about his saying “it doesn’t work that way” when the reporter asked what would have happened if his boy had been sucked under. That last 30 seconds or so of that video is absolutely priceless. It is my non-humble opinion that this guy should either be sterilized or euthanized post haste. It’s seriously beyond comprehension how something like this can happen and even more confusing why someone hasn’t pounded the living fucking hell out of this guy’s face. Yeah, that’s right. I’m condoning violence. Unconditional and unremitting violence against sadistic fucks like this. It won’t be by my hand unless he tries to pull that shit on me, but I would cheer if someone crushed his teeth against the curb outside his house leaving him to eat meals through a straw until his final days. You know, I’d say he does nothing for society, but in fact it’s worse. He is pushing it backwards, damaging it irreparably (at least until his boy gets intensive psychotherapy to stop the cycle of hatred and abuse). You see, this guy is training his boy to hate women and terrorize children all because his fragile fucking ego can’t take the fact that his life is a leaking bucket of maggot infested shit. If this boy is not immediately separated from this walking cancer called Sloane, he will grow up to be an abuser just like dear old dad. I’ll feel sorry for the kid for awhile, but then I’ll draw the line. I’m not sure where, as when is a victim no longer a victim and merely a perpetuator of hate and violence? When is it fair to stop sympathizing and finally say: “Hey man. Quit being an infantile pecker-head and grab your life by the ballsack and squeeze some sense into it!” When can we do that? I’m so tired of these abusive insolent little shits (a.k.a the GOP, religious rightards, rednecks who vote for the GOP) running and ruining this planet.

"Yer god damned right I hit my son! He had the audity, the auditory, the audacness... the nerve to tell me to be nice to my girlfriend. Fuck that shit! I do what I want, when I want. No fuckin' doubt about it. Man overboard!"

How much do you want to bet that this prolapsed rectum is a teabagger? How much do you want to bet he’s a loud ‘n proud member of the tea tardy? I bet he totally hates that “niggar” president of ours. How much do you want to bet he has voted Republican in every single election since he was unfortunately given the right to vote, his only reasoning being to cling to guns and because his daddy and his daddy’s daddy voted for that party of racist asswipes? I’d bet my fucking life on it.

It’s so unbelievable how this guy defends himself by saying they were “playing”. Right, like a seven year old would be like, “Hells ya, daddy! Let’s jump overboard!” Moron doesn’t begin to describe this cretin. Yeah. Sure you were “playing”, dipshit. No you weren’t. You’re a drunk and an asshole who FORTUNATELY got caught being a sadistic bully in public. You pick on women and seven year olds. Wow. How incredibly tough you are. You know, I have “faith” that some day we’ll get lucky and you’ll pick on the wrong guy, or better yet, your boy will grow up, realize what a drain on society you are and knock you on your ass, leaving you to drown in your own blood and vomit. So until that happy day, Sloane, do planet earth a huge favor and stop spreading your contaminating semen onto enabling women’s cervixes. For fuck’s sake man.



P.S. Hey Sloane Briles. If you’re reading this, do me a favor, asshole. Comment or email me so I can hear what inane blabberings you can smash onto your keyboard with that bulging forehead of yours. I dare you. I’ll get my cro-magnon to English translator ready. Fucking crusty prick hole.