"Yeah, that look you see in my eyes? It's fear. I know I technically won, but fifty-two percent of this district hate me and my luscious liberal labia. It's just the conservative version of the Nader phenomenon."

Last post for the day, I promise, but I’ve got a lot of things swimming around, demanding attention and need to get them out before they gum up my sleep deprived brain. I’ve been hearing a lot of people screaming in excitement about the victory of  Kathy Hochul in the race for New York’s 26th Congressional District. At first glance I got excited. I was like, “She got 47% of the vote?! You know? They’re right! It IS a referendum on the Repube’s performance and it looks like they disapprove and are clearly Democratic leaning! What the whaaaa?”

But alas, not to golden shower all over our parade, all you Dems/libs/progressives, but the conservatard agenda is clearly more popular there. The Dems won on a convenient technicality. This election was a victory for Dems ONLY because a teabagger took 9% of the vote (hmmmm, anyone remember Nader v. Gore in 2000?). By now you all know my take on teabagger politics, they are… REPUBLICAN!!! It’s a fact people. They are one in the same politically, it’s just that the teabaggers are vastly stupiderp than out of the closet Repubes (who are pretty nonsensical themselves). If you add the conservatard numbers together, Repube Jane Corwin’s 43% and teabagger Jack Davis’ 9%, that gives the conservatard agenda a 52% to  47% “victory”. That’s a significant 5 point spread.

So in summary, this is not really an outright victory for Dems. But I will agree on one thing. This election truly WAS a referendum on the current political climate. It shows that a clear majority are still retarded and support wholeheartedly the conservatard agenda. How much do you want to bet that Obama wins in 2012 on this same kind of technicality? I bet the conservatards will run two candidates, an uncloseted Repube (Texas governor Rick Perry?) and a teabagger (Sarah Palin after she gets crushed in the Repube primary?). I predict another 47/43/9 percent split come November ’12. So… Still think we’re winning? Perhaps… but only technically.