It’s a sad day in Wisconsin. The lazy, redneck, ultra neo-con, racist, gun-toting, liberal hating rednecks went and got up off their couches, slapped their enabling wives for not bringing them a Coors (shitty homophobic company) in a timely manner, and went to the polls for the first time ever, thus changing the shade of this midwestern state from  purple to blazing, irreparable red. I always knew this shit state was conservative. This confirms it beyond a shadow of a doubt. I’ve been saying it for years. During those years it was merely the short-sighted fiscal conservatives (and a few ignorant single issue voters) versus the progressive, humanitarian liberals of Madison and Milwaukee. The latter team kept Wisconsin perhaps 3 to 5 percentage points into the realm of hope. We no longer exist in that realm. Wisconsin is done. It has earned a place on my list of the stupidest of the stupid states, those that have leapt off the cliff into the sea of irrationalism. If every eligible voter in this state actually voted, it would have well over 80% conservative, fear-mongering, irrational politicians. This election proves it.

I was at work as the results came rolling in. I hate my job partly because I have to take care of the ignorant rednecks that voted these retards in, but reading the results made my fucking head pound worse than normal. During my shift I took care of one of these shitstains on the underwear that is humanity. This shitbag is a dirty, decrepit, stringy haired, smells like a swine’s asshole piece of fucking shit. He’s a picture of disease, plagued by drug addiction and he supports those who would sooner leave him in the street to die than treat him? I don’t get it. His ignorance and arrogance is what makes me wish he had died prior to clogging the health care system, not his drug addiction and resulting failing health, both which we should treat. How do I know he supports them? Because that night as I was helping his crippled ass from the shitter he asked, “Did that fucking Feingold win?” “No,” I replied. “Good. He’s worthless. What about that dyke bitch Tammy Baldwin?” he asked again, his voice as weak as his cognitive potential. “Yup, and she’s better than a tea bagger,” I replied summoning stunned silence as I walked out. I should have let him fall to the floor and break his hip. Waste of oxygen. This, my friends, is the new face of American politics. This is the mentality of the new political movement. Hate and fear mongering degenerates. Ignorant assholes that are unsympathetic to all living things. I should be allowed to withhold all care for these types of creatures. The world would be a better place. Yes, I am aware of the contradiction in my ideology. Don’t try to point it out like you’re gonna pin me down. I wouldn’t actually withhold care, but part of me smiles at the thought. My dichotomy stems from the fact that these asshole tea baggers choose to be ignorant. They didn’t fall on hard times. It is a CHOICE to think and behave and believe the way they do. They deserve no less than pain and suffering and to sleep in the shit that they alone create.

My fucking neo-con, tea bagging ex-friend voted for Walker/Johnson. That’s as guaranteed as him complaining about the “niggers” he pulled over while working his stretch

"Nope. Can't rightly tell you why I don't like that Feingold sum bitch. Somethin' about him says nigger lover and faggot friendly I guess. God bless 'Merica!!!"

of the highway. Fucking racist dick cheese. I’m sure he’ll gloat the next time I see him, to which I will promptly reply in front of his kids: “Shut your ignorant, redneck, tea bag fucking pie hole, bitch.” I’ll then ask, “What exactly is it you like about those two retards you elected?” to which he (and every other tea bagger) will reply, “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Yeah. That’s what I thought. Translation: “Neither of them are nigger loving Jews that don’t have a problem with grown men fucking eachother in the assholes. Oh, and I get to keep my guns.” Congratulations, you racist shitwits. Checkmate. Oh wait, chess is too civilized for you, I forgot. How about: Yeeeeeehaaaaaaw!!! Pow pow pow pi pow!

Seriously. I hope that asshole’s two boys knock up their skanky 3 pack a day smoker girlfriends the day they turn 14. Or worse, maybe one of his friends’ daughters will get raped. Their new governor would love to make birth control nearly impossible to obtain (if not illegal) and would certainly outlaw abortion even in the case of that daughter’s horrible misfortune (not to mention countless other repeals on women’s rights). How’s that for fucking irony? I, of course, would never wish rape on anyone (unlike the tea baggers), no matter how spectacularly fucktarded their parents are. As for his boys? I hope they never have kids, otherwise I fear they will carry on their family’s legacy of racism, intolerance, and cultural bigotry for who knows how many more generations. But some children persevere. I can only hope. What fucking assholes he and his wife are, along with every other tea bagger alive. Thanks for destroying any hope this state and worse, this country, had of becoming a place of substance, of progress. Real progress, not that shit toting self indulgent bullshit conservatives are famous for.

Here are the retards the retards elected:

Ron’s Johnson– First major strike is he’s religious. He thanked god for his win. Fuck you and fuck your imaginary friend in the sky who acts like a petulent child that is mad he didn’t get the right birthday present. Let’s get something straight. This ass drainage fell into his wealth. He was a member of the “lucky sperm club” as Warren Buffett (a great man and

Ron's Johnson says: "Thanks teabaggers for this win against a vastly superior human named Russ. I'm still a Republican and only claimed "tea party" affiliation for crucial votes. Fools."

a liberal that is richer than any conservative alive) calls them. He didn’t build a business from the ground up, it fell into his lap and onto his boner he has for children. This guy must be a pedophile, or at least friends with some, if he supports a statute of limitations to protect the catholic church from child abuse scandals. Or is he getting kickbacks from the diocese? What if my sister’s or any other tea bagger’s turd-like children were molested? How would they feel about this issue? Fucking asstards. Global warming? Ronnie says it’s caused by sunspots. Okay, Ron, you fucking inbred. It was a stretch of a theory that got debunked in less than three minutes. It didn’t even add up to 3rd grade students in Mississippi, where science and rational thinking are outlawed. Does the smell of inherited money cause more brain damage than drugs, alcohol, and tumors combined? I musn’t forget Ronnie is a homophobic asshole. That’s right. If you have a cock and you like to suck a cock, Ronnie boy will promise to fuck your ass. Figuratively speaking of course. Although, behind closed doors, who knows? No, that never happens with conservatards. Getting caught in their blatant hypocrisy? Crazy thought. So sorry my homosexual fellow citizens, this guy is out to keep you from your basic human rights. Oh and don’t even get me going on his environmental stances.

Scott “the gigglin’ gopher” Walker– Another religious dolt. The fusion of religion and politics, hell even a slight mixing of the two, is unforgivable and unacceptable. Beyond being a moron with “faith”, in him we have an anti union schmuck who supports big

"Tee hee. Thanks tea baggers. Tee hee. Be sure before beating your wives you enjoy a... tee hee... Miller or Coors beer. They donated money to help me win. Tee hee."

business, not small ones assholes. Unions, as much as I revile the need for one, attempt to be protectors of the working class. Many typically conservative blue collar voters frequently work in jobs that need them (police, firemen, construction, nurses with redneck husbands). By voting for Scott, they’ve put the next nail in the coffin of their only protection, even if that protection is meager at best, against the conservative juggernaut. This dickhole plans to “balance the budget” overnight by cutting pensions, insurance, and privatizing state parks to name a few. That’s right. The pensions and retirement plans of our public service people, many of whom voted for Scott? He wants them cut drastically, if not liquidated completely if he has his way. He claims state workers have had it easy for too long. Sure Scott. I’d like to see you do their jobs. My job? You wouldn’t last an hour. As for the parks? Let me tell you something. Wisconsin state parks are some of the best in the country. If you haven’t been to one, move quickly before Scott defecates all over them by selling their beauty to the highest bidder which in turn will create a vapid park system that will have increased cost with decreased quality. Ever been to a private camp ground? More often than not, they are lackluster at best. They’re unnatural abominations, with no proper regulation of quiet hours and no state law enforcement to protect you or the wildlife; it’s disgusting. It’s fucking private. Anything can and probably will happen. Will these things balance the budget? Perhaps. If they do, it leaves this state as nothing but a steaming vortex of fecal matter which will lead straight back into yet another budget deficit. Great job Scott. He’s also another homophobic asshole despite what his gay campaign workers say in his defense. He openly says he’ll vote their rights down. A marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s that clear cut for him. Fucking dumbasses. How can you work for him? How can you help to push his sinister agendas? I hope your fellow gays gun you down in a justified hate crime: killing ignorant, retarded, self-deprecating conservatives that are masticating and then shitting out every civil rights advancement brought to the table in the past several decades. Oh, and again, don’t even get me going on his environmental stances.

In summary, Wisconsin has shown its true colors. Red. Blood red. Red from the slaughter of hope, decency, and humanity. Red as the necks of the shit heels that decided for once not to be lazy and to vote. Feingold was a victim. This man was a defender of civil liberties, promoter of government responsibility, and architect of campaign reform. He tried to hold BP accountable for their eco-terrorism in the gulf. He was a good man, nay a great man, one of the few politicians who cared for and worked his ass off for what was right, pure, and just. He was murdered, gunned down by a bunch of angry retarded children that found grand pappy’s guns. The tea bagging rednecks were mad at the system. They were mad at the government bailout out the banks, of which the biggest already paid back the money with fucking interest accrued. Did the conservatards pay attention to that little detail? Fuck no. As Ronnie said, this election is not about the details, remember?

"Please, oh please, oh please. Give bone me! Throw ball me! Me vote Walker! Me vote Johnson! Me reward!!!"

They were too busy running and gunning. They either wouldn’t care or wouldn’t believe it even if given the data to read (if they can read). What is amazing is how they blame Obama and the dems for the current state of affairs. I have no love for the dems and their lack of efficacy, but it’s fucking insane how quickly they forget that it was their former Commantard in Chief GWB that got us here with 3 wars that are still along for the ride.  These asshole tea baggers have the attention span of a Jack Russell Terrier on meth. And then they want Obama to solve these problems in two short years. Are they fucking serious? They are clueless ignoramuses. During this election these morons screamed about how “it’s time to take out the trash”, but the only trash I can see is them.

If any of them read this, which I doubt they will as none will have the courage to get past paragraph one, they’ll say I’m bitter and a sore loser. You know what? I am. Because a group of shitstains with a combined IQ (that’s intelligence quotient morons) of 7 were allowed to vote. There should be a test first. If your IQ is less than say 100 or 110 you can’t vote. And that’s still setting the bar low. Tough shit if your IQ doesn’t meet the height requirements. All the best rides have ’em.

At any rate, I’m tired. I’m gonna go lick my wounds. Since Ronnie and Scott are big into prayer, I’m gonna take up praying. I’m going to pray that their entire families get cancer and those two fucktards have to watch them die. At least we’ll have medical marijuana here in Wisconsin now, right? So fuck you Wisconsinites. Thanks for forcing me to try and find a new place to live where people can be decent and care for one another in a just and civil manner, which is probably fucking Mars. It certainly isn’t a vast majority of the U.S. I hate you Wisconsin. I hate all of you that are driving this state and country into moral ruination. Go gargle a fucking ballsack.