In the battle against the corporate elite and their racist, illiterate, bigoted shitwit followers (neo-cons, teabaggers, “fiscal conservatives”), there is little we as individuals can do. Voting got us in the shit state of affairs we are in. Protesting merely burns calories. Reaching across the aisle results in bite marks. Talking to the opposing side results in… well nothing. That’s why I’m holding out hope for the friends of the underdogs to come through, those cyber Robin Hoods, Anonymous. These are the genius computer “nerds” that attacked those companies that opposed Wikileaks. Surely you’ve heard of their inspirational attack on scientology:

"What do you mean my personal data has been sold to a poor farmer in Gambia? Isn't there anything I can do? I'm rich!... I'm not any more? No... wait... don't take the suit! It's a one-of-a-kind lined with Mexican baby skin!"

These fucking videos they make give me chills. I fucking love them (I promise to address my special hatred for scientology later). Anonymous supports the availability of information. They defend the little people against corporate criminals. These are the guys that told Sony: “Your days are numbered.” These intrepid souls bully the bullies. They are the new age heroes, and I commend them wholeheartedly. I have been waiting patiently since February to hear any updates on their latest target, that diabolic duo, that terrifying two-some, those putrefied partners… The Koch bros.

The linked Koch story is old, but hopefully we will hear something on the matter before long. I simply cannot wait for someone to bully these fucking assholes. There is no justifying the Koch brothers (or any creature like them). They are indefensible. Oooh, they gave shit tons of money to the performing arts. Big fucking deal. It’s probably so they would be assured that the ballerinas would sit on their laps after the show, hoping the presence of tight assed beings sitting on them would create a slight twinge in their flaccid peckers. Davie and Chuckie have spent years bullying and now they are finally being targeted by “the little guys.” It makes me happy. Hell, it makes me thrilled.

I’m sure many will say that to support Anonymous is to welcome hackers of all types, insidious or otherwise. Let me tell you something. Those villainous hackers will be there regardless, inspiring havoc and feeding off the defenseless. It’s just nice to have some of these guys on our side for once, fighting a justified fight. A righteous fight. Every now and again you’ll get a rogue hacker, but Anon has said from the start that’s not their game. They didn’t do the latest Sony Hack, and even if they did, they weren’t doing it to get credit card data. That’s neither their style nor their goal. The prize they seek is the prize of freedom of information, of democracy, of a level playing field. They are great people, worthy of incredible respect and admiration. I always salute any Guy Fawkes mask I see. I only wish they could take a moment from far more important fights to help an underdog like me get more traffic for this wee little blog. Catch you soon.