"I endorse Palin... no Pawlenty... no the byproduct of anal sex, what was his name?... uhh, no I mean Newt... wait, no Romney. Yeah, Romney!!! Mitt promised me a mansion on his planet when I die. The ruler of Kolob commands it!"

You know what irks me more than anything? When inconsequential pieces of maggot infested shit conservatives hog the stage and refuse to acknowledge what a joke they are. Yes, I’m talking about Donald Trump. Since when did this asshole’s opinion come to be respected on any level? Donald Trump? Seriously? What a joke. It appears he is suddenly endorsing Mitt Romney. Wait a minute, wasn’t it Newt Gingrich like a month ago? Oh, that’s right, it’s the republie/con party. This is the party of infantile attention deficit morons who can barely remember to breathe that make up the vast majority of their party. Stupid bastards.

Seriously, they trust Don? The republie/con party is seriously deferring to this asshole’s judgment? The party of “fiscal conservatism” (despite spending countless billions on war with EVERY republie/con administration in my fucking lifetime) is putting all of their trust in a guy who’s been bankrupt more times and depended on government money (welfare) than any “welfare maggot” these hypocritical, misogynistic drains on society attack at every turn? Wow. Pathetic.

"Don't be stupid. Vote anything but republican!"

Did I ever tell you how much I hate conservatives? Fuck these assholes are stupid and this whole debacle only confirms it. Don represents the vast majority of his party, he really does. He’s like Glen Beck or Bill O’Reilley or the Koch bros. He’s a racist, bigoted, short sighted old man who spouts fragile and rudimentary opinions disguised as knowledge. He’s a morand (a moron that worships Ayn Rand) who when it gets right down to it, barely has the brain capacity to tie his own shoes, let alone grasp insanely complicated financial concepts like debt, GNP, GDP, etc, etc. Corky in his teen television years would have been a vastly more shrewd businessman than that show boater Don. Don’s an idiot, plain and simple just like anyone worth less than a few cool million that votes republican. Young Corky at least had common sense and decency as a social foundation. Oh, and again, let’s not forget that Don’s been BANKRUPT… multiple times! How’s that for fucking irony? Jack ass can’t even manage his own money let alone that of 150 million taxpayers. So by all means republie/cons, go ahead and put your trust in somebody that couldn’t hold himself in a debate against an aborted baby. Oh, and if you republie/cons happen to  steal the White House from that moderate piece of shit corporate Dimocrap Obama in November, it would most definitely be a tragedy to end all tragedies, but hey… la la la la life goes on!