"Well that was embarrassing. Just think how bad the summer elections will feel."

It’s official. This state is lost. J Klo can call for a recount all she wants, but it will not have the result she’s hoping for. She lost. Maybe not fairly, but it’s very hard to say right now. It’d be easy to prove, but it won’t happen because this state is as conservatard as it has ever been. Perhaps not as far red as that steaming pile of white trash called Texas, but it’s red. It boggles my fucking mind that there is not even going to be an investigation into that blubbering cunt Kathy Nickolaus. Unbelievable. She just happened to find 14,000 votes in the eleventh hour? How is it only the left is screaming about this? Oh, that’s right, because the rest are retard red.

Let’s assume for a moment that these votes are legitimate. An analysis of those precincts in Waukesha during election night showed Tosser at a 70% to 30% triumph over J Klo. To give the retard red an advantage, I’ll say it was 75/25. 14,000x.75=10,500 votes for Tosser, and 3500 for J Klo plus her 204 vote lead from earlier equals 3704 votes. 10,500-3704=6796 lead for Tosser. These numbers they claim are conceivable, but quite unlikely as even a 75/25 split comes up short 704 votes. That means the split in a trending 70/30 precinct went closer to 80/20. I’m not really buying this. A 10% shift from one fucking town? No way in hell. But beyond my skepticism, where is the fucking transparency? Why are the conservatard, hard right shit stains on the underwear that is humanity being so secretive? Why is that shady bitch Kathy Nickolaus allowed to store ballot data on her personal computer? I simply don’t understand. And I really don’t understand why a full fledged federal investigation hasn’t been launched into her dealings. They need to glove up and probe the living shit out of that asshole’s asshole.

"Ooo ooo ooo eee!!! Uh!!! Uh!!! Ooo ooo ooo, EEE EEE EEE!!!

And now I hear Tosser squawking about how J Klo should let go of the idea of a “frivolous recount”. The audacity of that lower functioning chimpanzee. Someone throw him a banana. Seriously, would he let it go if he were behind by 7500 votes after the Dems came forward with a sudden pile of 14,000 votes? Not a chance. Of course the hard right sheeple won’t see this (not that the hard left is devoid of sheeple, but they are FAR less dangerous/ignorant). They’ll blame the left for corruption/games/sore losing/wasting taxpayer money/whatever the Repubes tell them to blame the left for. It’s gonna happen. It already has.

Fuck I hate this state. I really do. I don’t want to live with retards. I really don’t. I quit. I’m out of the politics game. I’m hanging up the bull horn. I’m remaining silent from now on. The fucking retard right has spoken. We have lost to them. There’s no “getting Wisconsin back”, that’s what the hard right did. There’s no “fighting back”, we tried and clearly failed. There’s no “standing with Wisconsin”, I hate rednecks so why would I stand with them? There’s no “power to the peaceful”, only the violent corporations and their ignorant masses. The right have won. The angry, bitter, racist, homophobic, capitalistic, violent (they attacked me personally), get my talking points from Fox News crowd on the right is the victor. And you know what? Fine. Let them have this shit hole state. Let them take it where they may. To the victor go the spoiled state, or something like that.

I was slightly confident that the recall efforts would succeed until the April 5th results rolled in. I’m even less confident now that I see that 3 of the Democratic recall petitions have SUDDENLY been filed. There have also been 5 filings against the Repubes. So let’s take a moment to break down the recall efforts with my predictions/analysis.

On the Dem side:

Jim Holperin from redneck northern Wisconsin– he will LOSE. The majority of the north are white trash. They LOVE Governor Goofy. How will they feel when Goofy pisses in their clean water and dismantles protected wildlife sanctuaries? Oh, right. They’re too stupid to care.

Dave Hansen of racist, redneck Green Bay– he will LOSE. How is Green Bay racist you ask? Because in 2009 those morons bragged about this. Assholes. They ought to be ashamed. The real question is why in the fuck would a black family want to move to Green Bay? I can hear the townsfolk shrieking, “Get a rope!” the minute they walk in.

Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie– he will LOSE. Only his county of residence went J Klo in April, the rest went for Tosser. These are suburban counties which are homes to white collar assholes in pursuit of the American dream.

OUTCOME– net loss of 3/3 for the Dems.

On the Repube side:

Alberta Darling of River Hills– She will WIN. She has rich fucking north Milwaukee suburbanites on her side.

Luther Olsen of Ripon– He will WIN. His counties around Fond Du Lac went predominantly Tosser in April.

Dan Kapanke of La Crosse-He will LOSE. His district went predominantly J Klo in April thanks to the University and the progressive students. But, if the Repubes succeed in forcing us to show birth certificates/passports to vote, he will WIN.

Randy Hopper of Fond du Lac– He will WIN. I used to think he’d easily lose, but no. His counties went 60/40 in favor of Tosser. The people are not as sick of this philanderer as you might think. Hopper will win by a commanding 7+ points.

Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls – She will WIN. It’ll be close, but St Croix county is her most populous represented county (with rich assholes) and they went heavy for Tosser. I predict a 3-5 point victory.

OUTCOME– Net loss of 1/5 for the Repubes, giving them an increase of 2 seats (from the 3 gained from and 1 lost to the Dems) to a total of twenty one versus the Dems’ 12… which is…. are you ready?… a QUORUM!!! That’s right. This state will end up even redder than before, mark my words.

"Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!!! The liberals are gone. Let's have some fun and kill some shit! Hells, lotsa shit!"

But like I said. I don’t care anymore. Wisconsin has spoken and will speak again this summer. The left will never be more fired up than they were on April 5, NEVER. And this time, it’s not statewide votes that count in those elections. Madison and Milwaukee will have no say. It will be yet another embarrassing (and commanding) defeat for the Dems. I guess that mysterious silent majority really is speaking, especially since the Progressive/liberal/independent votes can only amount to a 204 vote false victory. Fuck it. I’m out. No more protesting. No more fighting. No more trying to reach the other side. No more reaching across the aisle. Only acceptance and a quiet retreat from this vile, redneck shit hole.



"What is it, Joe? It's grip is so tight!" "Dunno. Found it wanderin' by Lambeau field, Mister Walker."