Before I forget, I want to share with all of you a poem I wrote for Scat Fatzherald of doom. It is a limerick that I wrote in honor of Saint Patty’s day. I read it to Fitzie today a few times. Not sure what he thought, as after four hours of talking at him, he only gave me a thumbs up on his way out. I assume that means he loved it. What else would a thumbs up mean? As he drove his unconstitutional ass away from his fortress, I told him to keep driving south until he gets below the Mason Dixon line. Jack ass. Anyway, without further ado:

There once was a bully named Fitzie.

Whose life the Koch Brothers made ritzy.

He bullied and lied,

until civil rights died,

and then moved on to his next Blitzkrieg.

It’s a little off. Maybe a few syllables too much, but I think it is okay considering I composed it on my ride down to the capitol. During my peaceful, yet angry protesting down there, I met a few of Governor Goofy’s silent majority. I want to share with you some of their seeds of wisdom.

"Well, lemme think now... four... and then there's another 2... and well there was the one early this mornin'... how many is that? ... You know? I really can't tell you how many times I've had to remind myself to breathe today. Details ain't important, college boy."

One, or maybe two of these people were respectful and we spoke… in a CIVILIZED fashion. He claimed there are 200,000 protesting the will of 5 million. I obviously assume he was referring to the citizens of this state. Let’s look at some numbers, mmmkay? I like numbers because they don’t lie. Neo-cons DON’T like numbers because… they don’t lie. Population of this state is 5.6 million. This man claims only 200,000 people disapprove of Governor Goofy’s agenda. I’m guessing he pulled this number from the population of Madison, the population of which is 236,000, give or take a few hundred violent tree huggers. In the gubernatorial race (we sure won ourselves a goober) there were 1,128,159 votes cast for Scat Wanker while Blewitt received 1,005,008. So right out of the gate, this guy’s numbers are off. I guarantee you all million plus individuals who voted for Blewitt are still AGAINST Governor Goofy. As for those that voted for him? I’ve talked to several personally, and I guarantee there are more, that are disgusted that they voted for the guy. Clearly, all of those 1.1 million that supported him in November, do not support him today. 5 million support him, huh? It’s the majority speaks trap. He tried to tell me the majority supported and still support him. According to his numbers, the population of Wisconsin, minus 5 million, leaves 300,000 or so in opposition to Wanker. Wrong.  One misled teabagger down, many more to go.

Another of the silent majority stopped and interrupted me. He asked me why I was yelling like an idiot at an empty building. I tried to explain to him that the building is NOT empty. Maybe some of the heads inside are, but certainly not the building. I know they hear me. He claimed he supports Walker. I gave him the megaphone and let him thank Wanker and allowed him to say he supported him. I told him to tell Governor Goofy WHY he supported him. As always, he couldn’t. None of them can. They can only say the “budget needs to be balanced.” How do you get them to understand it is NOT ABOUT THE BUDGET. This teabagger just said he did support him and nothing else. Tell me now, would a bully allow an opponent to use his bullhorn and tell his side and to thank the enemy of all that is decent? I gave him the floor as long as he wanted. He failed. I am no bully. He was missing a little thing I like to call facts. Just because you think something, or wish something, doesn’t make it true.

Another one came forward. He didn’t like what I had to say about abortion. Great. Another single issue voter. What did I say? I simply said the abortion issue is not black and white like the neo-con, religious right make it. Imagine a victim of rape who gets pregnant and is forced to give birth to that child. It is not the child’s fault, but can you imagine the woman, every time she looks into that child’s eyes she is reminded that he or she is a product of the most violently violating act that a woman can be a victim of? I cannot imagine that. Not even for a second. It makes me shudder (I’m such a bully, no?). He of course immediately whipped out pamphlets about god. I shut him down. I will not listen if you tell me I’m going to hell. The only “god” I worship is nature. I bow to its power. There shall be no other gods before it.

Another one yelled: “Shut the fuck up!” He was probably just eighteen, maybe younger. If he could vote, he just barely qualified in November. I said, “Sounds like you have something to say. Talk to me.” He claimed he supported Walker. I offered him the bullhorn with ONE stipulation, that he tell Governor Goofy WHY he supports him. The kid blushed. “I’m good,” he said. As I held the megaphone up for him, he got uncomfortable. Maybe it was stage fright. I don’t know. All I know is I gave him a chance. He failed. Now would a bully offer that opportunity? I think not. I am no bully.

"I was at Scott's mansion last night. He, Scott Fitzgerald, and I were in the pillow fort, giggling and talking about God's influence on our lives. Tonette brought the tea. We're on the right path, Wisconsin. Jesus told us so. Those homosexuals will not marry. Not on my watch!!! I answer only to him, not the citizens of Wisconsin, especially those fa... I can't say that? Are you sure? I thought I could because God hates fa... Okay. Fine."

All I know is that it was a productive week. I pissed off the right wingers. I got Fitzie the fraud to give me a thumbs up as he drove away. I believe I saw Kooky Kleefisch watching me out her window as I berated her because of her (and Governor Goofy’s) fundamentalist and creationist involvement in government. She didn’t answer my question about why allowing gays to marry would destroy civilization. I gave the neo-cons a chance to defend themselves, an offer that was met by silence. As always, their silence speaks volumes. On Wednesday, my voice could be heard on the news during Governor Goofy’s address to the superintendents of New Berlin (a super conservative district that shot down attempts to build low income housing. Hmm, class warriors AND racists. How unexpected).  I defended what is pure and what is right. Maybe it won’t mean anything overall, but it does to me. And it does to many others. The neo-cons can say what they want, but I love this state and this country and this earth. If it makes me (and many others like me) an irrational bully to stand up for education and civil rights and education and a healthy environment and women’s rights and working people and the officers that are being abused by this governor (they are NOT your Praetorian Guard), then so be it. I am a proud, righteous and justified bully. Fuck you if you think differently. No, scratch that. I’m a civil man. If you think differently, tell me why. Prove to me why I’m wrong. Read a little bit like I do and present the facts. I dare you to have the courage and more importantly the ability to prove me wrong. I’ve got all the time in the world. Every day, assholes. Every day.