Another Madison legislative neo-con crying, begging for mercy from the torture of free speech. My version of "waterboarding" will get at least one just and socially responsible political policy from them.

Day two (this week) of my angry dissension. I think it went pretty well. The capitol police made their obligatory contact with me. They never asked me to leave, they only came outside to inform me that there has been a complaint about the noise. I think I figured these guys out. They agree with me. They KNOW they are next. We respect each other. They only have to make contact with me. That’s it. I never heard from them again today or yesterday. I think tomorrow I’ll just call out to them until they come down. We’ll make immensely respectful contact, and I’ll carry on for the rest of the day.

So the noise the neo-cons (it is most likely a neo-con complaining) were talking about? My angry words. My voice projects wonderfully. Yesterday as I was making the rounds, tossing my seeds of wisdom about, there was a teabagger that cried and claimed I yelled in his ear. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I’m a non-violent (albeit angry) protester. I continued on my rant and he flicked me off. I called him out saying: “Spoken like a true teabagger.” He actually chased me down. A wonderful state trooper intercepted him and told him he had best be on his way (I saw this trooper again today and shook his hand, thanking him). That officer had my back. He told me later he wasn’t following me, he was only making sure that “tea bagger” (my words) didn’t come back for me. I love and respect these officers, and not just because they agree with me, but because of what they do. He would have told me to walk the other way too if I went after the teabagger, I’m sure of this. They keep the peace, even though the only real threat of violence comes from the tea baggers. They alone are the ones that will incite the violence. I can’t thank you officers enough. If I buy you coffee, is it considered a bribe?

Another teabagger called me a tree hugger as if that was a bad thing. How is loving trees, animals, and clean water a bad thing? How is that an insult? Stupid teabaggers. They can’t even insult properly.

I shook Erpenbach’s and Risser’s hands today. I apologized for my shouting, but what is one citizen supposed to do? I have no alternative. I tried voting, but look where that got us. Somehow, I don’t think it bothers them. They have to pretend to believe in the olive branch that the neo-cons are extending. It’s bullshit. The Dems might fall for it (they’re not, but they have to pretend), but not me. Fitzie said stupid shit for one whole month and we’re supposed to just forget it? Fuck him.

Some people on my side don’t agree with my tactics, with my yelling and that’s okay. Maybe it is immature, but it certainly isn’t counterproductive like they claim. These neo-cons will do what they want no matter what. How long before they ban yelling on the grounds, or require a permit to do so? We’ll see. Fitzie has done a lot worse with his legislative powers. The important thing is they are hearing me. Maybe they’re not listening, but they’re hearing. It’s a start.

Speaking of Scatt Fatzherald of doom. I saw him yesterday. He was walking in to his office. No surprise, he refused to speak to me. I told him it was shameful he tried to tell the Dems their votes wouldn’t count because they remain in contempt of the state. He is one unconstitutional son-of-a-bitch. Every thing he says just sounds incredibly stupid and he shows no signs of stopping. I told him today his rescinding his stance doesn’t absolve him of it. He can’t say stupid shit for a month and then expect it all to be forgotten. Moron. No wait, Governor Goofy’s the moron, not Fitzie. He’s just a thug that likes to wipe his ass on the constitution.

Malignant Grothman. Just another tumor on the face of politics. Time for surgery Wisconsin!

Today Malignant Grothman walked out of his office. I stopped him and asked him to defend his stance on Ronald Reagan. I asked why he and others worship him when he did the things neo-cons claim to despise. He raised taxes, expanded the government, and negotiated with terrorists. He did these things. Do you know what Grothman said? “Reagan was better than the alternative.” What a lame answer. And untruthful. They worship him and masturbate to him. That’s not behavior that originates from voting for the “lesser of two evils”. That alternative he was talking about was Jimmy Carter by the way. Carter stood up for the underdog. He called for people to consume less, to be conscientious of others, to care for the environment. America didn’t like that. It made them feel guilty. Then along came cowboy Ronnie (who was president of… a UNION) to tell them everything would be okay and they can do whatever the fuck they like, ethics be damned. Fuck you Malignant Grothman. You disgust me, but I do appreciate you stopping to talk to me. I respect that. Your answer sucked sweaty ballsack, but thanks at least for trying.

That’s more than I can say for the other neo-cons in that building. Way more. Although Fitzie boy’s staffers did offer me a cookie today. The told me to come up for a cookie. Very strange. Not sure what to make of that or what’s in those cookies. I don’t trust Fitzie any further than I can throw his blubbery body. I’ll pass. Thanks though.

"Hey superintendents. So about that billion dollars. Jesus told me you didn't need it. He said... Wait. What did Sturm just call me? Anyone know what a limnologist is? Is it bad? Can he say that?... It's someone who studies lakes? Who gives a shit about lakes. Who cares if Wisconsin scientists leave. The earth is only six thousand years old. God will reveal all the secrets in time. This is my state and my new religious order... This thing is on again? Dammit. Sturm's yelling distracted me!"

Governor goofy was doing a press conference with the superintendents of Wisconsin’s schools this afternoon. I spent forty-five minutes beneath their windows calling him out on his bullshit. What bullshit you’re asking? How about: privatization of our fantastic state parks, dismantling of the clean water act (cutting out regulation of street runoff and phosphorous from fields. Clearly Governor Goofy has no understanding of how toxins work their way up in the food chain), the mass exodus of capable and competent workers like limnologist Dick Lathrop, defunding of our public schools, defunding of planned parenthood, his use of tax dollars for a faith based treatment center, his use of religion as a “guide” for his policy making, his separating the collective bargaining out which PROVES beyond a doubt that it is NOT about the budget, destroying civil and women’s rights. The list goes on and on. I don’t want to bore you or anger you for that matter. I hope the superintendents dragged him over the coals for defunding education. Somehow I doubt they did.

The neo-cons want us silenced, but we will NOT be silenced. I and others will be out there every fucking day saying what we need to say, what WE ALL need to say. This is a righteous path we are on. You know who told me that? No. Not that misogynist in the sky or that 2000 year old bi-sexual Jew… me. I told myself. I have studied their moves. I have worked it out for myself and I know they are wrong. I came to this end on MY OWN. It’s not about unions alone, it’s about the environment. It’s about women’s rights. It’s about gay rights. It’s about freedom of speech. It’s about education. It’s about squelching this neo-conservative movement and not only moving this state, but this country and planet FORWARD. Wisconsin and this country can, should, and must do better, because if we don’t, if the neo-cons and their teabagger electorate are allowed to continue for one more day with their racist, bigoted, homophobic, destructive and ignorant agenda, then we truly are all doomed. I think it might happen, so in preparation, I’m gonna go watch an episode of The Walking Dead. Too bad teabaggers aren’t as reasonable as zombies.