"Ooooh! I'm so mad! These damned liberals are really cutting in on my enjoyment of human torture and environmental devastation. I wish uncie Erich was here to gas them all! Every last bleedin' heart one of 'em. Teabaggers unite! Hrrmph. I'm hungry. Bring me a peasant baby."

So it turns out the poor put upon Koch brothers (huge teabaggers f.y.i.) are more than mildly irritated that they’ve been brought to further national attention by this whole Wisconsin fiasco. Their egos have become so threatened that they’ve publicly claimed they will continue to fight back and use their billions to bury the pesky labor movement. Oh really Davie? Really Chuckie? Hasn’t that been your intention all along? You’ve always had Viagra induced erections for burying the only civilian force that attempts to keep your heinous desires in check; the unions. Your 40 plus billion dollar combined net worth has been used to do nothing but destroy any hope of compassionate political ideology, trounce your competition viciously, and mangle every element of this planet’s environment. How inconvenient that you now have to do it in broad daylight, within plain sight of the public. No more sneaking around in the shadows for you vermin.

You wrinkled, walking corpses are beyond a threat to this planet. Your collective ignorance and arrogance, including that of your loyal, brainwashed followers (anyone that speaks out in your defense), threatens to destroy any hope we have. You support and fund the most ignorant voters that this country has seen since perhaps 1864, the teabaggers. That collective ignorance and arrogance must end here. It must be frozen and eradicated by us “pesky liberals”. We are the only line of defense against your socio- and psycho-pathological ideologies. It is up to us non-mutated and ethically superior human beings to rise up and fight against you. It might be like trying to take down a bull elephant with ping-pong balls, but there is a battle on your doorstep never-the-less. Can you smug mother-fuckers hear us now? If not, turn up your million dollar hearing aids. We liberals and progressives are here to castrate the conservative regime. Never has a conservative like you held humanity in higher esteem than money. Never has a present day conservative cared for this planet in a way that ensures there will be clean water for our children’s children, or even for us next week. Never has a present day conservative desired to use his/her money to heal this wounded planet and make it, are you ready for this? A better fucking place to live. Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled. You present day conservatives are planetary parasites, and we liberals are the treatment. Get used to it. Get ready for a cleansing in ideology. Your enemas are long overdue.

"I might look friendlier than Davie, but I'll have you know, I daydream about smashing kitten heads and deporting my Mexican workers when they demand their breaks from washing my wrinkled, incontinent ass. But not before I try stuffing my flaccid pecker inside them one last time! No doesn't mean no if they say it in Mexican!"

So where did these two men learn to be such upstanding citizens? Who could have instilled such a grandiosely compassionate ideology unto these men, and then encouraged them to go forth and share it unconditionally with humanity and the entire planet? Why their dear “uncle” Gauleiter Erich Koch of course who had involvement with their father Freddy Koch. “Uncle” Erich probably coddled the dear, sweet Koch bros, holding them, whispering into their ears the tender stories of gassing Jews and gypsies, crushing Pollacks, and raising Third Reich global domination. How tender. How sweet. No wonder they’re utilizing their vast wealth to “gut” civil rights and further deregulate industry. Worthless, contemptible drains on human civilization is all they’ve grown up to be. Uncle Er(e)ich would be proud. I would seriously rather have 17 raging hemorrhoids dangling from my asshole than hear that these creatures will be allowed to continue with their petulant, lucky sperm club rampages for even one more day.

So it ends now. We hold the line here. They are two. We are thousands. Our collectivity can overwhelm them no matter how rich they are. We have far more voting power because we can vote with our dollars. EVERY dollar. We can choose to spend or not to spend, especially at companies owned by these wicked mutations of conscience. We must vote these assholes out of civilization. Forever. They must not be allowed to bully and torment and deride and destroy every living thing that gets in the way of their vicious agenda. Ever. The only allies they have are the teabaggers, and we all know how stupid they are, right? Remember this asshole? C’mon people! Let’s kick this fucking Koch habit once and for all… let’s kick it right in the shriveled ball sacks.