Fitz: [Fitz hits Sturm in the face] Do you hear me now? Sturm: No, I didn’t quite catch that, Fitz. [Fitz hits Sturm again] Sturm: Still not getting it. [Fitz hits Sturm a few more times] Sturm: Ok, I got it. Shit, I lost it. [Fitz continues to beat up Sturm]

I almost forgot to tell you guys. On Thursday, as I was down at the senate and goobernatorial wings, a staffer was dropped off at the MLK entrance. The guy dropping her off in his black Jetta accelerated at me and tried to hit me. I had to step out of the way. Stupid me didn’t get the license plate. I might be witty as fuck, but sometimes, just sometimes I’m a dumb shit. I said it the day before the attack, and my only point is this: When the violence is incited, it will be by the hand of the neo-cons and their teabagger sheeple. Boy did I call that shit, not even 24 hours prior. They are the violent bullies, not us. What a sad, sadistic, predictable lot these fucking drains on society are. This attempt at running me over doesn’t scare me, it encourages me because the neo-cons are afraid. They are afraid of losing this battle, but you know what? They already have. Their basic agenda (destroy education, civil rights, women’s rights, the environment, the labor movement, etc.) is clearer than it ever has been, though to what end? What ambitions do these career criminals have? Even if they fail here in Wisconsin, what is going to happen nationwide? Are they smart enough to be organizing something for 2012? Maybe the Mayans had it right. Maybe they predicted those “end times” because of the rise of the neo-cons and their dangerous teabagger army. There is no greater weapon of mass destruction than ignorance. If you’re not angry, you have no brain. If you’re not afraid, you have no soul. If you’re not protesting, you have no hope.

I am told Fitzie and his pals were watching me for several minutes prior to him driving up and giving me a thumbs up on Friday. Pathetic. Word to the wise, Fitzie et al neo-cons… I am your intellectual fucking superior. You’ve got absolutely nothing on me. Threats and bully tactics will not deliver you a victory. Bow to me, bitches. Bow to all of us free thinkers. “Only after disaster can we be resurrected.” Thanks, T.D., for your wise words.



P.S. You don’t know where I’ve been, Fitz!