"I personally believe that this attack on the GOP by the Democratic senators is an attack on all the great and rich peoples of district 28... err I mean Waukesha... I meant Wisconsin. Yeah. That's what I mean." Sigh. "Stupid Mary. Daddy always said you were stupid. How could you be so stupid?"

Now I’m not saying the Dems are free from scandal or completely pure of heart, but why is it more often than not, that the Repubes excel at scandal? Family values my ass. More like makin’ families values… with young girls in subservient employment positions. 1 down, 2 to go (maybe 6 out of 8 if we’re lucky). Unfortunately, that mutated and cold hearted bitch Mary Lazich isn’t going anywhere except maybe to one of the cosmetic dentists that helped fund Governor Goofy’s rise to power so she can get bigger and better veneers. There are way too many conservative shit stains in that district for her to feel threatened. Have you seen their incredibly retarded billboards on I94, especially during the election? Seriously, though. What’s with this lady? What do they put in the water in that district? She looks way too… happy? Maybe she just saw a puppy get disemboweled. Maybe she OD’d on mood stabilizers. Whatever it is, a recall success sure would wipe that freakish Joker smile off  of her conservatard face. Let’s keep it going Wisconsin. Let’s recall the Repube 8. Go! Go! Go! Let’s just keep the ridiculous and counter productive death threats down to zero from here on out. Oh, and next election? FUCKING VOTE MORONS!!!