"Ugh, guys. Sorry, I'm still drunk from a long night of being a dirty 'lil Koch sucker. Oh shit, is this thing on?"

As I was down at the capitol building last evening, there was a protest going on outside M&I Bank. I had found out shortly before this that M&I contributed heavily to gopher boy’s campaign fund. I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I was. I have been banking there for nearly twenty years. How much blood is on my hands now? Fuck that pisses me off. Not wanting to jump the gun, I called M&I and spoke with a banking manager who claims it was someone (any employee) that works there that donated. I asked if any higher ups with something to gain (e.g. Mark Furlong, President and CEO) contributed. She then directed me to one Sarah Schmitz (414-765-7831) who is director of corporate relations. After a few hours, I did get a response to my voice message. The man skirted around the question, trying to talk me into staying. I said, “Your CEO is one Mark Furlong, correct?”

“Yes,” said the corporate relations tool.

“Did he or did he not donate to Walker’s bloodlust campaign?”

“He did donate.”

Finally! The answer I suspected from the start. “Okay,” I said. “Then your company and I are forever done doing business.” Again the guy tried to dissuade me. He even talked about how great America is because we have freedoms. Our CEO has the freedom to choose to give to whatever organization he wants. “Freedoms?” I questioned. “Freedom to support a bloodlust campaign that desires nothing more than to shit on the environment, workers, civil liberties? Sure. He has that freedom, but he also has to face the consequences of his decisions.” I then told this man that I would from here on out be engaging in a strong internet and verbal campaign against his bank. “We don’t like to hear that,” he said. And that was pretty much end of conversation. The truth shall set me free. I encourage all of you, if you are an angry M&I customer, to call 414-765-7831 and DEMAND an answer for their CEO’s decision.

Anyway, M&I is far from alone. For example: Kessler’s Diamonds (contact here), Sargento Cheese (customer complaints number: 1-800-243-3737), Johnsonville Brats (Ralph Stayer the OWNER is confirmed to have donated. Call: 1-888-556-2728), Miller/Coors beer (Shitty beer anyway. Contact here) all gave to the gigglin’ gopher’s campaign. There are SCORES of businesses that donated. In fact, here is a list of campaign contributors to the gigglin’ gopher’s Storm Wisconsin, then the Nation, then the Whole Fucking World Fund. Please, study the list, research and call (it is VERY important to research and call these companies to ensure accuracy) any companies you deal with and seriously consider boycotting every one of them that actually donated. If you choose to boycott, it is very important to INFORM them of the boycott. Pass this list around. We need to adopt a scorched earth policy with every one of these businesses that ACTUALLY donated. Vote with your dollars. I know I plan on withdrawing all of my money from M&I bank, and the day I go down there, I will be carrying a large sign that says I am withdrawing all my money because Mark Furlong, CEO financially supported Walker, Wisconsin Ranger and his corrupted corporate agenda. Fuck you Marshall and fuck you too Ilsley (or at least their present day equivalents). Delivering justice will be bitter sweet though. I’ll have to sacrifice. Anyone have any beer, cheese and brat suggestions for me? Help me out, Wisconsin.