"Dag nabbit! Sturm's yelling really killed the mood. I was 69ing with Rush Limbaugh and he totally coitus interrupted us. Insensitive tree huggin' bastard!"

I took the afternoon and ran down to the capitol in time to see my old friend Scottie Fatsgerald. Man it was good to see him. I started all by myself, yelling at that smug son-of-a-bitch to come down and talk to me. Call me old fashioned, but when I get screwed, I like eye contact. It’s more meaningful. Within 15 minutes, I had a group of 50-100 behind me all yelling at his office window. I then got some drummers to join in. Even the police that gathered on either side to prevent the chaos that usually erupts when liberals demonstrate were laughing at the comments raining down upon Scottie. It’s so true. Even the police don’t give a shit about these conservatards. I told Scotty this. They’re just sucking up the overtime while they can still reap the benefits from it that they too will soon lose. Trust me, people. All this yelling and drumming and horn blowing works. It irritates these assholes. It eventually got that fat fuck to leave the building. Sturm (and Wisconsin): 2, Unethical walrus: 0. Like I said, Scotty. Every day. We’ll be there every single day, asshole.

These men and women are sinister. They want to rape, pillage, and eviscerate everything that Wisconsin has become. Most ominous is their stance on education. Not just K-12, but college as well. If it was up to these undereducated ass bags, they’d cut all financial aid completely. Take a stance with me. Sign this petition. We have to fight on every front they create and there are going to be hundreds. It’s WWIII WI!