So I’ve decided to start a new thing and interject amongst my longer entries some shorter entries about things I find that enrage me and summon my blood lust. Here’s the first of surely many.

“Psst. Hey Jesus. Can we do that butt thing again? Oh, by the way, can you cure my herpes?”

Wow. How fucking pathetic. Beating a guy to death because he prefers the taste of cock. Authorities are not sure if his gay rights activism or the newspaper outing him as homosexual with the title “Hang Them” are connected to his death? Duh. Fucking morons. I’ve done my investigation through the series of tubes called the internets from 3,000 miles away. It was an exhausting search that required me to read one, count ’em ONE, fucking article. Guess what I found? They ARE fucking connected. Primitive thinking led to the death of a human being who’s only apparent crime was to enjoy getting a squirt of man milk on his face. Fuck you, you Ugandan homophobes (and homophobes everywhere). What? Beating your wife not stimulating enough for you anymore? Eat a dick. It shocks me that a country’s laws actually condemn a gay man or woman to prison for 14 years and that they are seriously considering legislation to introduce the death penalty for them. Fuck you, Uganda. Sounds like The Lord’s Resistance Army has finally taken over your government. Guess what assholes? Jesus was gay or at least bisexual. He hung out in the desert with 12 other sweaty men. What do you think happened? Imagine the scent of man funk and santorumduring the last supper. Mmm, mmm, good.

So what happens next? So where does it end? Will they next start beating and murdering those who support homosexuals? What about their families? And those who are friends with gays? I’m one of those people. I’m very homoflexible. I dare you to try to kick my ass. You’ll end up face down in the gutter with a brain bleed, I shit you not. Then I’ll have to take care of you in the hospital. Guess what? I fucking hate nursing and I really fucking hate homophobic misogynists who base their beliefs on childish, religious, rhetoric. Now how do you think that hospital stay’s gonna work out for you? Assholes.

Go with Christ all you want. Just don’t forget the Astroglide.