"Tee hee. Hey guys! Hee, hee, hee. I'm just trying to do the job God and Jesus chose me to do. Tee hee!"

Eight hours. That’s how much time I spent at the capitol today. Far more than Walker, Wisconsin Ranger has been there since January 3rd. I just have got to say to the students in the rotunda how much I, and thousands of others, appreciate your efforts. You’ve been there endlessly, building up unbelievable sleep debt for workers and for ALL Americans and hell, the fucking world. Thanks again fire and police workers for your continued support. This shit is gonna go on for a long time. And finally thanks to those 14 heroic Dems who left state. This is like something you’d watch on Rome. Fucking Rome is awesome. It only takes one of you to cave and let this bill pass. Please, please, PLEASE!!! Do not cave in and return to Wisconsin soil. Do not return. I don’t care if you never come back. You have nothing to lose by staying out. Nothing. Your districts think you’re heroes. Even a recall wouldn’t cost you your jobs, not even close. Stay strong! Fight the good fight. You are looked at as heroes across the nation and quite possibly the world.

How does it go beyond union workers? How could it affect the nation and world? Because if the unions are busted, the Democrats (not a perfect party but the one that offers any hope for humanity) will be busted as well. The unions are the largest contributors to Democratic (liberal) campaigns. Three unions that is. The other top 7 contributors to political campaigns are corporations and you know who receives their dollars? Yup, the Rethuglicans. No surprise there. Don’t believe me? Watch Rachel Maddow’s program from Friday, February 18th. There was even a segment on how Glen Beck believes that what’s happening in Wisconsin is the beginning of “end times”. People fighting for their rights (NOT just union employees, but ALL employees, and politicians with humane and hopeful agendas) are ushering the world into end times? Egyptians fed up with a corrupt ruler are aligned with satan? What the fuck is wrong with FOX and their idiotic followers? (rhetorical question… they’re retarded) What in the name of christ’s holy shit? That makes my head pound so damnably hard.

As I was down there today, the teabaggers were there, but their numbers were weak… just like their mental capacity. One young kid was arguing for the bill, claiming he had read the bill, the ENTIRE bill. Yeah… sure you did, dipshit. Those legislators didn’t even read all of it. “Where did you read it? What site?” I asked.  “Uhhhhhh. On the internet. I read it on the internet.” Well duh, Shitlock Holmes. He swore again that he did read the entire thing, claiming he was a college student with “a lot of time on his hands”. He’s right actually. Since teabaggers aren’t intelligent, I believe him. He’s only spending time in college to spread political ignorance and move humanity toward the dark ages again.

Well, anyway, I’m tired. I’ve been protesting 8-12 per day 3 out of the last 4 days. I need a teeny bit of decompression time. In celebration of this, I have a quick chant for you: Hey, hey!!! Ho, ho!!! I’m gonna play some Mario!!! Hey, hey!!! Ho, ho!!! I’m gonna play some Mario!!!

Thanks for listening. I’ll be in touch soon.