"God... Jeebus... kill... abortion bad... bible... pray." A fucking parrot has a larger vocabulary than this creepy, category 5 asshole.

Just a quick update on the hypocrisy of the religious right. It’s an old story, one told many times, some with a bloody ending, but it appears we have yet another cooky cock fer christ right here in our backyard that tried to kill an abortion doctor. It never ceases to amaze me how these guys rationalize their hypocrisies let alone existences by screaming: “God told me to! Punish me all you want, but my angry, childish ruler will punish all you unbelievers in the afterlife.” It’s mental illness, plain and simple. Religion is a disease. It is a plague. It is the coffin which will entomb humanity and send it back into the dark ages before delivering unto it a painful extinguishing of its existence… if they have their way. Not on my watch though. Not within this higher functioning brain of mine. I’ll fight til the bitter end.

What is so fascinating about this freakish joke on humanity, one Ralph Lang of Marshfield, WI, is that he was the same crazy eyed jack-ass that argued with me when I bullied with my bullhorn at the capitol. I mentioned him briefly in this entry. I told him to get the fuck away with his crazy shit. His eyes twirled in his head at the words of an independent thinking non-believer. His face writhed with the rage of his Hello Kitty backpack wearing toddler god. His fists clenched, grasping the holy fire power of SUPER JEEBUS!!! I merely waved him off again. He looked like he wanted to kill me. Turns out he did want to. He failed. This is one of many maladjusted facets of the conservatard base, and they seem to be growing.

But for now it’s… Sturm: 1, Super Jeebus: 0