"After dinner can I tend to da trains, David? Can I Charles? Please, oh please, oh pretty puh-lease? I won't hurt dem like I did da rabbits and da rest of da environment, I promise."

I know I pledged to be less political and give up the fight, but the GOP, the WISCONSIN GOP in particular, is just so stupid that I cannot resist. I must carry on and offer attacks and insight wherever I can. And wow, their latest gaffe offers one helluva tee ball pitch. Just how stupid is Walker? (Rhetorical question) Did he really think that the feds would simply green light over a quarter (he actually requested $225 million) of the money previously offered to the retards of Wisconsin? Seriously? After the whole $810 million debacle back on the campaign trail of blood and tears, why would they? And the GOP shrieks about fiscal responsibility? It would be fiscal insanity to give this state ten cents for any rail project.

Governor Goofy is beyond fucking stupid. Or is it a stupid GOP game to cry and pout and shriek about how partisan Washington is by refusing to fund a Repube state?  They aren’t, fyi, as plenty of retarded GOP goobers have received funding. Either way we lose, and we should. There are consequences to elections, and I now want nothing more than to see Wisconsin bleed, bleed as red as the retards running and ruining it.

I simply love the part in the article that said: Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said “we are disappointed that Wisconsin’s proven Amtrak Hiawatha passenger rail service wasn’t included in the latest announcement of federal rail funding. This rail service plays a vital role in our transportation system and the application for funding would have bolstered the existing system, the Midwest’s infrastructure network and our economy as a whole.”

"All aboard! Common sense, progress, and a brighter future now leaving Wisconsin at 110 plus mph!"

Christ. What amateurds these guys are. SUDDENLY Wisconsin’s rail “plays a vital role”? Suddenly the Rethugs want to “bolster the existing system”? They’re pissed about NOT getting money for part of the exact same rail line they refused to use the $810 million for? The repubes merely say it isn’t worth 7.5 million dollars per year (at the very MOST) to maintain a train line to Milwaukee and then Chicago from Madison. Please. In your infinite wisdom, go on. Tell me ’bout da trains, Cullen. What a moron. You’re an intellectual lightweight. Why don’t you go be a spokesperson for “the situation” on Jersey Bore? Walker is probably a bit dumber than “the situation”. Might be an upward move for you. Fucking asshole.

I want to set something straight before I head out. I’m tired of the one thing I keep reading and hearing in ALL these articles about this rail issue. Walker did NOT refuse the $810 million dollars as if he was some fiscally responsible hero to the retard red. He was going to take it and use it to build more roads and push our dependence on fossil fuels further along (which is also part of his budget bill 27 which I will address in a subsequent rant soon). If you think ANY differently, you are a misled dolt who has no ability to think beyond your stupid little bubble filled with NASTARD, pathetic rhetoric, and white people.

Catch you all soon. I’m gonna go for a run before the Koch Brother’s acid rain storm starts to fall. I hear thunder in the distance. Is it impending doom? It certainly isn’t a commuter train heading toward Madison.