Sorry I haven’t written in awhile. I have no really good excuses other than I’ve been busy submerging myself in the magnificence of Skyrim… that is until my Playstation 3 died two days ago. It’s probably Scotteabagger Fitzgerald’s fault. Fuck him… and fuck Sony. It only strengthens my Sony boycott that has been going on for between two and three years… yeah, I know I bought one game from them. Sue me bitches. I’m not perfect. I’ve also been uninspired as it’s merely one gigantic shit fest after another from the Wisconsin Gaping Orifice Projectiles… I’ve been uninspired until now that is.

"Wing ding diddly ding dang doo. Have I got a super message for you. Stand with Walker or I'll string you up like a Jew! Walker for president twenty twelve. Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!"

So the video above. This guy is my new hero. What a beautiful fucking video. Shot for shot it is the epitome of perfection in this wonderfully venomous climate. It crushes the competition with its acerbic wit and sarcasm that stings like a thousand angry bees upon Macaulay Culkin’s prepubescent flesh. There hasn’t been anything even remotely close to this caliber since that dipshit Scott took the oath of office, pledging his allegiance to an imaginary misogynistic friend in the sky, a six thousand year old earth, and those two smarmy, creepy, Viagra popping brothers who want to bathe the world in the blood of libturds and anyone else with even an ounce of progressivism. I’m sure Teddy Roosevelt is on their list of most hated. I have no doubt they’d love to dig him up and skull fuck him with their new found erectile flesh.

You know, as I was watching this video, I imagined a bunch of Republie/con simpletons gathered around watching it in all seriousness saying, “Yeah… hell yeah. Fuckin’ a. That’s right! This dude understands!” You see, single celled abominations like Republie/cons and their slithering symbiotic organisms called teabaggers are too stupid to understand sarcasm and irony. I doubt they’d recognize it if it was Davie Koch’s shriveled ball sack slapping against the insides of their cheeks. They are all intellectual duds, weapons of mass desecration if you will. Stupid teabaggers. Sadistic Republie/cons. Move down to Pulaski, Tennessee where your values of racism, hatred, and bigotry have been condoned and emboldened since the grand ‘ol year of 1865. Fucking conservatives. Did I ever tell you how much I hate these creatures of the Knight?

Know what I like most about Vince Megna? Besides that he’s fucking awesome I mean. He has actually stated he will no longer represent Republican clients. I love it. This is perfect. I for one am done reaching across the aisle. Fuck the political right. I’m hunkering down to ensure that this political divide tears through Wisconsin like a 9.8 out in Cali. I’m through with the extremist bullshit of the right. These conservative misanthropists are not my friends and they are certainly not my allies. I couldn’t give a fetid shit what happens to them. I too plan on continuing the boycott of anything Republie/con until the end of time. And that includes family. As Obama said, there are consequences to being a stupid fucking Republie/con… didn’t he say that? I think he did. Anyway, you get the jist.

Senate Mawhoreity leader Scott Fitzgerald says: "Do you see the twisted hate in its eyes? Do you see the dangers inherent with its agressive stance? This the the enemy of the conservatard... I mean tive movement. It must be exterminated. Poison its water. Roll back protections for free loaders like this. Kill 'em all!"

Since these abominations of conscience are claiming through their legislation, “Fuck the poor. Fuck the Jews. Fuck the sick and injured. Fuck the compassionate. Fuck the animals. Fuck the water. Fuck women’s rights. Fuck education. Fuck the old. Fuck the middle class. Fuck the fucking world!” I say, “Fuck Republie/cons.” They are a disease and they should be treated as such. They should be quarantined from the rest of civilization until they fade away like a flame without oxygen. Excise these tumors from your life. Again, it doesn’t matter if they are family or not. Cut ’em out. They can do you no good. They cannot be bargained or reasoned with. They refuse to negotiate. Don’t buy into this bullshit idea that the right wing is only trying to bring balance to the world. Balance isn’t always good, especially when the “balancing” opposition promotes hatred, intolerance, bigotry, sexism, environmental destruction, desecration of the truth, and misinformation to promote an agenda that purports all of the above.

Of course, all of the “moderates” (conservatives) and conservatives out there will shriek, “But… but…. but Sturm! You… you… your (sic) prowmowting (sic) intolerents (sic) and haytrid (sic). Your (sic) a hippocriticle (sic) jerk, you… you jerk!” You know what? You got me. I do promote these things, but as I’ve said in a number of previous entries, only against those who choose… who fucking CHOOSE… to act and think in ways that your kind does. I don’t hate blacks for having a higher melanin content in their skin. I don’t hate women for having two X chromosomes. I don’t hate gay men and women for being genetically inclined to falling in love… in LOVE… with another man or woman. I don’t hate animals for being all cute and fluffy… or even ugly and slithering (except teabaggers). I don’t hate old people for surviving for decades in a world on the decline because of conservatives and enabling liberals like Obama. I don’t hate water for being… wet? I hate you because you choose to wage war on these things and the world as a whole. It’s like you want to see the world burn under the guise of bringing back “fiscal sanity”. Hey morons! Want to know where the present day fiscal insanity came from? You. You are one hundred percent to blame, because you elected a retard from Texas to the highest office of the land not once, but twice. TWICE. ALL teabaggers voted for GWB. Every last one of you. Talk about insanity. And inanity. Three failed wars (Iraq, Afganistan, drugs). Tax cuts across the board (more for his rich buddies than anyone else). Deregulation of industry. Need I go on? Really? Okay. Denying global warming. Refusing to sign the Kyoto protocol, but then REFUSING to offer a better alternative. Refusing (like Obama) to slow oil drilling and begin the process of developing alternative, RENEWABLE energies. Increasing public spending by some 70%.  Wasting money/education resources on abstinence only education (sounds familiar, eh?). Cutting benefits for veterans of his bullshit wars. I think you get the idea. So Republie/cons and their teabagger leeches turn a blind eye to all the heinous shit done by their yokel president and then have the audacity to blame “Nobama” for the current economic woes of this country? Fucking simpletons. Good thing they have enabling redneck wives to dress them in the morning and then remind them to breathe throughout the day.

I could go on and on and fucking on, but I’m done… for now. I simply wanted to show you this magnificent video. I’m going to have to watch it again. Why don’t you join me?



“My governor rolls with that.” Fucking brilliant. Thanks a million, Mr. Megna. You’ve made my year. I wish you’d represent me in my claim against Madison Property Management for inappropriately seizing part of my rental deposit from one of their 100 year old slums. But as you implied, it’s a lost cause anyway with the shit state of consumer protection in this state. It seems Wisconsin truly has become yet another addition to the south of the Mason-Dixon line army of the deluded. Keep up the fight, friend. Know that I’ll be right there beside you.



"It's not that shriveled."