And we’re off, ladies and gentlemen. The new conservatard administration here in Bumblefuck, USA (a.k.a. Wisconsin) has not even been inaugurated and they’re making demands already. Fucking retards. Take a moment to read this article.

First off, can I just comment on how fucking douchey this shittard looks? I can’t get over it. He looks like he’s constantly making poop in his pants. I’ve wiped the asses of developmentally delayed (NOT retarded) people who look more fucking coherent than this shit wipe. He looks like a constipated gopher in this Wikipedia picture.

What in the name of Christ’s holy shit? This retarded child will soon be the leader of this retarded state? *shudder* Fucking help us. He’s as pathetic looking as GWB and his personality matches as well, no doubt.

I read the above Channel 3000 article moments ago. I’m at that fuckhole soul trap I call a job and I know many of those union workers he’s got a fucking boner to destroy, which is mentioned later in the article. First off, who is this fucking shmuck to come along and make demands? He’s like an ADHD child walking into a room and demanding attention. Want to know what I do with mouthy children like that? I slap them and lock them in a dark room until they behave. We should do that with Scottie boy. No dinner for you, you impudent little shit.

Walker, Wisconsin Ranger. That is his name to me forevermore. He’s a redneck, jackass who thinks he’s an ass-kicker, but in reality everyone’s laughing at him. That’s right. Fuck you, Chuck Norris. Of course as governor, he can actually affect disastrous change. He’s trying to wrest control of Wisconsin’s imbeciles before he’s even in power. This does not bode well.  You’re “not picking a fight”? Yeah, I call bullshit. You’re riding on your tsunami of ignorance that got you there, hoping it’ll crush every fucking thing that has been implemented to move this state forward by the time it and you descend upon Wisconsin on January 3rd.

Let me address the stance he has taken on unions first. He has demanded that all negotiations with unions cease and, if he has his way, desist. I have learned from the almighty internets that unionized nurses at University Hospital in Madison, Wisconsin are presently in negotiations that have already gone into mediation since fucking July. I guarantee you the fuckheads that control that death trap are cheering at this. I guarantee you they went to mediation in the first place to delay until this election, and now that things went their way and Walker, Wisconsin Ranger won, they will refuse to negotiate anymore because a fellow Rethuglican will be in power to protect them and their assets. They have intentionally refused to finish negotiating a contract in the hopes that a Rethuglican government would rise to power here in Wisconsin. And now the administration of that hospital, despite THEIR REFUSAL to negotiate and their forcing union negotiation into mediation, are refusing to pay a retroactive raise because of these delays (delays that they alone created). Do you understand that? Those fucking thug administrators at University Hospital chose… CHOSE… to delay negotiations by apparently taking a month of vacation in August and then demanded that the negotiations be sent into mediation. Because of this, they are punishing the nurses that care for you and your loved ones claiming it is the fault of the union. It is the union that is trying to get fair treatment for the nurses that wipe your ass, listen to you piss and moan, take your (and the doctors’ and the administration’s) abusive bullshit, and still smile and treat you with respect. Fuck you if you voted this asstard in. I hope nursing shortages and the dangers of overworking cause you physical harm.

In case you don’t know, mediation is when a third, unbiased (bullshit) party comes in to negotiate. This delays communication exponentially and things get lost in translation. In the end, it was the administration of University Hospital’s fault that the nurses and therapists don’t have a contract yet, and now they won’t have one until the next administration (which means none at all since it may be dismantled anyway).

So let’s fast forward to January. When Walker, Wisconsin Ranger saddles up and takes the reins on this old filly of a state, he’s going to try to abolish the unions completely, which mean’s the CEO and her cronies here will have succeeded in castrating the fucking union. They will have no power. They will be in no position to negotiate anything. Ass wipers will continue to work without a contract and will be at the mercy of those that want to make uncontrolled profit whilst raping those that ensure the survival of said profit and the patients that generate the revenue. Mark my words. You know what? I’ll talk a lot more about that hospital in subsequent entries. But for now, let me return to Walker, Wisconsin Ranger. Besides dismantling the union, this dickhole is going to jack insurance premiums through the roof and cut (if not liquidate) all state pension plans. Since he’s a state worker, do you think he’ll be on the list of cuts? He’s gonna balance the budget, so do you think he’ll pull his weight and take a cut along side Wisconsin’s trench workers? Not fucking likely. I would love him to try to do my fucking job. He’d crack in one hour, I promise. Give me the governor position for just a wee bit of time. I wouldn’t be great at it right away, but I’d manage. Have no fucking doubt. I guarantee you the learning curve of the governor’s office is far less steep than what I do. Fucking asshole. I hope he chokes on a peanut his first day in office.

What pisses me off about this union ball buster mother fucker, is the mere fact that a staggering number of union protected state employees voted for him. Cops, firemen, construction workers, and utility workers to name a few actually voted for him. They fucking voted for this asshole! How god-damnably ignorant do you have to be to vote for the guy who wants to rape the shit out of your asshole and leave you with nothing? My ex-friend and his retarded wife, who are both state employees, voted for him. Good luck retiring and having health insurance to pay for your retarded children’s health care. Dumb asses. I hate both of you for being so ignorant.

So on to the natural gas vs the bio fuel boiler issue. I want to know where he gets this idea about saving $100 million dollars. Where did he get that number? Sounds like an arbitrarily high number he just threw in there to sound like he’s serious about getting shit done. I am neither a chemist nor a biologist, but a quick search reveals some information.

If you don’t want to read it, it compares bio fuel and natural gas furnaces/boilers. Biofuel wins on four counts and they are tied on three others. Guess how many wins for gas? You bet. Zero. Not one win. On the cost issue they are equal unless you count maintenance and longevity where biofuel wins.

So, $100 million in savings by choosing a natural gas boiler over biofuel? Really, Scottie? Show me your data. I promise you I’ll fucking read it. 40 to 1 odds say you can’t produce it, because it doesn’t exist. Your numbers don’t add up, asshole.

As for the health care debate he brings up. I’m not going to get into it right now. He’s so misinformed and deluded like all the fucking teabaggers and Rethuglicans, that I don’t have the energy. Change in our healthcare system is going to happen. It has to happen, whether the retards want it or not. They want effective and affordable healthcare, but not for anyone else. Selfish pricks.

We’ll I’m gonna go wipe an asshole and then go on my lunch break. Hopefully come January 2011, I’ll still be entitled to those. Something tells me I won’t. Walker, Wisconsin Ranger’s gonna smoke my rights out and blaze ’em down with his six shooters like a bunch of terrified gophers. Wait a minute… why would he shoot his own kind?