Well, Wisconsin lefties. We’ve lost. Even if under the best case scenario J Klo wins by a paltry 204 votes (I predicted 304), this state has fallen into the hands of the ignorant, brain dead, corporate elitist fuck sticks, thus preventing any positive change for generations to come. With those results, it is abundantly clear that there will be NO successful recall against Governor Goofy or the Loony Lieutenant (which by the way might require a SEPARATE recall despite being elected on the same ticket. Can you believe the fucking audacity of the GOP?). Tuesday, April 5th is the MOST that the left will ever be fired up. We can’t do any better than 204 votes. This state is red. It’s owned by Walker and his cronies… or is he the crony?

"Well it all started as I was downing my seventh Big Mac. As I reached for a slice of undercooked bacon, I knocked over my bowl of beer cheese soup with triple cheese and shorted out my personal computer at home. You've got to take my word for it, Prosser was 7,500 votes ahead. Taco Bell run anyone?"

Anyway, that best case scenario is a distant cry away as we have now been presented  new information from one Kathy Nickolaus that she “miscounted” some 14,000 votes that give Tosser a comfortable lead of 7,500 votes (29 hours later, fyi). Tell me, how does a supposed computer guru/software expert forget to save? I’m no expert, but I’m guessing in software like that, you don’t physically save, it does so automatically. It’s not like she’s in some sweatshop pouring over numbers putting them in the computer one at a time. Moron. Go eat another half a cow. And does anyone else find it convenient that this number happens to be right at the point where a recall cannot be demanded without significant privately funded cost and massive scrutiny and cries of sore loser by the “victorious” Tosser party? I’m so tired of the god damned GOP and their bully/illegal/bullshit/retarded tactics. This woman has been under fire before for storing election data on her personal computers. She was employed by Tosser. She is his ally. If the fucking feds don’t suit up and get their asses down here and tear this shit open like ravenous cannibals, then the last bit of faith I have in this country is doomed to be shit away like the painfully average Mexican food I had this weekend.

The bottom line is we Progressives/leftists/independents have lost. We’re done for. The retards have begun a revolution and elected yet another retarded GOPer to the highest office of this state, and now to this state’s court system. One of those retards, Ann Althouse, claims centrists (this bitch be NOT a centrist) hate the idea of electing judges because it shows partisanship in the judicial system. Her criticisms, of course, extended only to J. Klo’s potential win. Funny how she doesn’t see Tosser as being partial to Governor Goofy, that he’ll rubber stamp every shitty fucking thing he wants to do. He’s a conservative judge. He’s as partisan as they come. Ann’s such a hypocritical cunt. Her blog may have far more readers than mine, but she can suck my taint if she thinks for a minute that that means her blog is better.

Sigh. I simply don’t want to live in a state made this purple (and pushing every day into blazing red) by creatures like Ann and her dipshit followers. I’m out. I quit. I’m gearing up to move out. But there are so few remaining bastions of hope in this conservatard country of ours, thanks to those dim teabaggers. Where to go? Looks like the next stop is Canada. I know people say this all the time, but I haven’t said it, and I’m god damned serious when I say it now. I will renounce my citizenship to this retarded country in a heart beat and move to a place where hope still has a home. I need that hope, because without it, I’ve got nothing left. I can’t enjoy nature because the hard right wants it chopped up, dismantled, and developed. I can’t think about raising children because the hard right wants to short change education. I can’t turn my faucet on with confidence because the hard right wants to deregulate the clean water act. I can’t hope for a fair paying and treating job in health care (or any other blue collar work), because the hard right wants to destroy the unions. I can’t feel confident that the woman by my side will be treated as an equal by society because the hard right wants to ban birth control and planned parenthood and keep her paid less than her male counterparts. I can’t put my mind at ease, because the hard right works tirelessly to crush my gay and black and Hispanic friends and fellow citizens, keeping them at a disadvantage with their archaic and bigoted social policies. I can’t feel confident that if my health deteriorates I will have access to affordable and SAFE health care because the hard right wants to dismantle it like it’s a source of spare parts or treat it like it’s a source of unlimited income. I can’t enjoy the simple things I cherish because the hard right shrieks in my ear about it being a “sin”. I can’t sleep soundly at night because the hard right is constantly revealing their next lame-brained plan to destroy anything that is remotely pure and hopeful on this planet’s surface.

"You can be blasé about some things, liberals, but not about America. It's over a hundred times more powerful than Canada and far more luxurious... Wait, what is that? Ah fuck it! It's just New Foundland. Full speed ahead!"

So I’ve decided I don’t want to live here. I won’t fucking live here. I know the next Titanic when I see it, and this country is it. She’s constantly being referred to as unsinkable. America’s hull (our military imperialism) is impervious . Her crew is impeccably smart (weren’t then, aren’t now). It’s outfitted with the most fool proof, modern equipment (actually we resist moving beyond basic fossil fuels). There aren’t enough life boats (medicare, badger care, social security etc.) on her because that would send the wrong message. That would be helping the weak and it would jinx the journey. But guess what America? She’s going down whether you can see it or not because of this strengthening hard right agenda. It won’t be an enormous break in the hull that sinks her, but the countless tiny puncture wounds across its surface. Whether or not you idiotic conservatards want to believe it, America IS the Titanic . Teabaggers, corporate elitists, the religious right, creationists, birthers, conservatard bloggers, lazy assholes that don’t vote, racists, homophobes, xenophobes, mor(m)ons, Governor Goofies, Loony Lieutenants, Rush Limbaughs, Sarah Palins, Ann Althouses… they are the puncture wounds, and there are far too many millions of them to be patched in time. It’s time to dive overboard people. Grab your children and/or your pets and swim for shore. I’ll meet you there. We’ll stand more of a chance on an iceberg in the North Atlantic in mid April.