"Derpa derp! I told you I'd be vindicated! The retards... I mean voters approve overwhelmingly! What regressive legislation am I supposed to sign next, Davie? You need something Chuckie?"

Well that’s it folks. We’ve lost… commandingly… indisputably… undeniably. It’s over. The retards have spoken loud and clear and there is nothing to be done about it. The only real victory for the progressive agenda was the unseating of Kapanke, but should that really be applauded? LaCrosse is a liberal leaning district and even that victory spread was less wide than those won by the other conservatard incumbents. Even that cheating asshole Randy “bed” Hopper barely lost. Two percentage points may technically be a win, but that teeny tiny spread speaks volumes about the 49% of shitstains on the underwear that is humanity. Anyone else find it sickening that conservatards of all levels found his infidelity acceptable, but way back when Slick willy was getting his pole smoked in the oval office they were all over him like flies on shit, screaming about his horrible ways? Fucking hypocrites.

So the progressive agenda has failed in this, yet ANOTHER retard red state. Walker has been declared the ultimate victor on this day. There can be no disputing this fact. He is the grand champion. He and his regressive agenda have been lauded and reaffirmed by the voters of this state. The parade of delusion will most certainly carry on from the left, but they must come to grips with the fact that there is absolutely NO chance of a successful recall against this cretin. This lazy eyed, despicable mother fucker will now be able to carry on hacking, slashing, clear cutting, and sowing salt into the earth thus preventing any sort of compassionate agenda to ever re-enter Wisconsin politics for the next two decades. Not only will he be allowed to finish out his term, but he will be granted an additional term if he so chooses. All he has to do is run. We’re stuck with this lying retard elected by the… well, retarded.

"Oh man oh man oh man! Sure makes me happy to see the libturds runnin' fer dem hills near LaCrosse! I told them this was my fortress. Maybe now they'll listen!"

Walker’s a liar elected by the idiotic. Hear me loud and clear when I say that there has NEVER been a budget crisis here in Wisconsin. This was a political power grab and it worked flawlessly and it succeeded brilliantly. Walker knew he would not be brought into check, because he knows the Wisconsin people. He knew all along how ignorant, empty and/or villainous the majority of this conservatarded state is. He played this up, got elected, bided his time, and allowed the people (if they can be called that) to speak loud and clear… again and AGAIN. Walker won in November. Prosser got re-elected in April. The recalls failed in August. Seriously, how many more elections do we need to remind us of our abysmal inadequacies? Oh wait, that’s right. Two more next Tuesday. In the end this whole tumultuous election year has been about a bunch of selfish sycophants confirming undeniably their support for the conservatard agenda, an agenda that desires nothing more than to strip my gay friends of their rights to be happy and to tell my fiancee that she can neither use birth control nor have an abortion even if it means her life will be lost and to strip the environment of every last bit of fresh air, clean water, and healthy animals and to allow corporations to have civil rights that will undoubtedly surpass those of our own and to drive the unfortunate into destitution, stripping them of every ounce of hope.

"Run you lib. RUN! Tell all the other libs the ignorant are comin'! You tell 'em I'M coming... and hell's coming with me, you hear?... Hell's comin' with me!!!" .

The conservatard agenda has been vindicated. I say we shut the fuck up now and let the retards run the show. We gave it our best and we failed. It was an admirable effort, but stupid is as stupid does. These retarded mother fuckers are calling down the thunder and I say step back and let ’em have it. Stop resisting and let them run their destructive course. I hope we see their blitzkrieg agenda destroy lives. I hope unemployment soars and the middle class can no longer afford to make ends meet. I hope our credit rating drops further. I hope the new conservatard president inaugurated in 2013 (Prick Perry, another Texas asshole) wages even more wars in pursuit of oil. I hope our education crumbles and our children begin to score as incredibly high as our twin sister state Mississippi. I hope obesity and disease rates climb as our inadequate health care system becomes more so. I hope our economy fucking tanks, dropping us to the absolute bottom of all the other nations. I hope China crushes us on the development of renewable energy and become the new leaders of a new world order of environmental and social responsibility. I hope the divisiveness in politics drives families and friendships into ruin and this divide between the left and right widens to insurmountable lengths. As much as I respect Dale Schultz, centrism will never work so long as conservatards and their teatard leeches draw breath. I hope that things get so fucking bad that revolution is the only recourse. Bloody revolution. Chaos, disorder, death, destruction. There can be no other end. If we had here what is going on in London, I would applaud, ONLY if done with surgical precision against conservatarded leaders and those voters who support them and the corporate heads they so blindly devote themselves to. The thought makes me smile. It makes my heart quiver excitedly.

"I hereby declare this Choke a Bitch day!"

But it won’t happen… at least not right away. Progressives aren’t like that unlike conservatards who wage war on a whim. The world will indeed march on, but in time it will get sick and when the conservatards have sucked all of the life from this planet with their “Drill baby drillin'”  and their suburban sprawlin’ and their ocean poisonin’ and their human proliferation, nature (the ONLY “god”) will do more than the present shuddering. It will roar and shake the pesky human parasite from its in an attempt to save the worthy species upon its surface (every species but the human species). Our extinction moment is coming. Teatards, Koch bros, Walkerites, Palins, Bachmann’s, Limbaughs… all these parasites and more care nothing about the fate of the planet and by default humanity. They are charging us forward with their dangerous ignorance and lack of compassion. There is nothing we can do to prevent this. All I can do now is enjoy the time we have left. All I can do is enjoy the woman and friends by my side and defend them against the conservatards with my life if need be. I’ll gladly lay my life down against those despicable conservatarded beasts. All I can do is treat what nature remains with vastly more respect and compassion than any conservtard is capable of. All I can do is settle into my new and TEMPORARY life in a blood red state. All I can do is hope for the end times that will most likely bring about my destruction, but more importantly, also that of the teatards and conservatards and corporate fucking villains.

"Wait! So this means Sturm won't be standing outside of my window persecuting me for my belief that earth is six thousand years old? Praise Jeebus! Now that the liberal heathens have been defeated, I can continue my war on all those devil worshipping faggots!"

So I’m signing off.  I can’t fight this scourge any more. They win. There will be no more protesting. There will be no more public displays of defection. And more importantly, there will be no more blogging (fuck I still hate that term). I’m done. I’m out. I’m shutting this site down permanently. I’ll leave it up to season over the years for yours and my enjoyment, but know that I’ll be updating it no more. My energy will be better spent elsewhere, like living my life and trying to ignore the retard right (impossible, I know). In time I hope to heal this vicious burn in my fucking soul but that will undoubtedly take years. The anger is seething within me because I know that we as humans can do better. We should do better. We MUST do better. Oh, have no doubt. I’ll continue to be a lonely, determined humanist and help my fellow humans as much as I can. I’ll admit, it’ll be insanely difficult to not let him/her suffer if that needy individual is a conservatard. Do they really deserve my help when they live a life of ignorance and arrogance and hatred towards the innocent and towards this planet I love so much? I don’t think so. But I’ll cross that bridge when I have to. Helping those that offer nothing and actually detract from civilization, like teabaggers, is the ultimate conundrum. Wouldn’t I be doing more damage to this world if I took care of Walker or Fitzgerald or Harsdorf if they have a stroke? I think so. It makes my fucking head hurt. I’d rather let them lay in their own piss and shit until their skin breaks down and rots from their bones. But I won’t be able to do that, because unlike every conservatard, I have a conscience. I care about concepts that extend far beyond myself. That is why I am a VASTLY superior human being than every single mother-fucking one of these conservatards. In a way, despite this wickedly bitter and oppressive feeling of defeat, that makes me the true victor. It’s been real peeps. I thank you whole-heartedly for listening and wish the best of luck to my fellow progressive souls. We’re gonna need it. All of us, those toxic teatards included.





"Hey Dale. You and your ilk may have crushed the competion, but you're still an ignorant asshole."