"Need oxycodone... and processed cheese! Liberals bad! AFL-CIO make Rush hate! Oh, side note, Michael J Fox is faking it."

When I heard this glorious news, I nearly shit me whack. It made me laugh at the end where Tosser feels as if he’s suffering from “six weeks of baseless charges from outside interests.” Seriously? Outside of what? Wisconsin? Kind of like the Koch bros from KANSAS and the mor(m)ons from UTAH? You know, those two sadistic groups that are trying to do a landslide remodeling of the political face of Wisconsin and the entire country? Kind of like those groups, Tosser? No, these attacks are coming from the Dems (the only nominally “outside” group) and the sane here INSIDE Wisconsin. And listen closely, dipshit. These accusations are NOT baseless. You are Governor Goofy’s judicial branch yes man, you and the others comprising the majority. I’m certain that the GOP, as dumb as they are, will claim the loss of this honorary co-chair is of little consequence, but what do they know? In the 2008 election they ran a walking corpse who only tried to do one great thing during his “maverick” career (campaign finance reform with Russ Feingold) and a creationist hockey mom who totes her Down’s Syndrome kid around like he’s a trophy. The GOP wouldn’t be able to identify bad news if it was Rush Limbaugh sitting on their faces OD’ing on oxycodone. I simply cannot wait to see how this fecal hurricane works out in the end. The one thing I think the GOP is well aware of (though they’d never admit it), is the fact that their party is on fragile ground. Could these be the death throes of the hard right, modern day conservatard agenda? I doubt we could be that lucky, but they are indeed in trouble. Whether or not there is a diaphoretic low land ape sitting on your face, it doesn’t take intelligence to recognize this… does it?