It always makes me smile when the abuse of animals comes back to burn the idiotic members of the human species. I hope this Jose guy suffered terribly at the end. What an asshole. Hopefully his last words were: “Ay yi yi. No es bueno. Nunca estoy jugando con una gran polla de nuevo. Estoy RETARDO!” Stupid bastard.

Take a closer look at the picture in the article. I like how there is a fucking kid in the background watching the fight who can’t be more than 7 or 8. He’s even holding tight to his white cock. Poor little, innocent bird will probably be the next victim in their sadistic shitheaded game. Jaysus christos the future is bleak when unfit, moronic fucking parents are taking their kids to not only watch, but participate in a cock fight. “Hey kiddo! Watcha wanna do tonight? No, no, no. For the last time, I am NOT taking you to see Gnomeo and Juliet. Cogida esa mierda. Let’s go watch two angry birds flap their wings frantically and fight each other until one of them dies! Si. Infierno si!” Dumbasses.

I’m sure some ultra PC dipshits will come to this man’s defense and say: “But Sturm you insensitive asshole who earns a half million dollars per month from writing your opinions on the internets. They are poor. They have no other outlets.

Michael Vick’s love for animals really shows all over this dog’s face. How endearing. Mikey’s just misunderstood, right? Doncha think?

What’s entertainment to us isn’t affordable to them. It’s beyond their reach. They have to make do with what they have.” Oh really? So Michael Vick couldn’t afford to go to a movie instead? He couldn’t afford to go out for a nice dinner? He couldn’t find and least one desperate (and insanely inebriated) girl to bounce up and down on his shaft? (And that assfuck wants another dog? Fuck off Mikey.) No. You see, I don’t fucking care what economic class you are. Anybody, ANY-FUCKING-BODY that does this horrendously evil shit is sub human. They do it NOT because they are oppressed or poor or undereducated (Vick was certainly #3), they do it because they are sadistic fucks who get off on the suffering of innocent creatures. When I was a kid, I killed a fucking frog just for “fun”. I cried immediately afterward and I still feel fucking bad about it. And I should. What a fucking asshole 7 year old Sturm was. Sadistic little shit.

Anyways, the moral of the story is don’t get seduced by and try to take on more cock than you can handle, and certainly don’t put knives on them. Cock is dangerous. It spreads disease. And now, it is know to cause non-anal bleeding. Humans are quite possibly the dumbest species on the planet. Sure we can put an unmanned probe on the surface of Mars, but for some reason the concept of decency to Earth’s other species and even each other eludes us. We have no common sense fucking foresight. Most of us are morons that live their lives by a strict, unwavering code of egocentricity. I hope countless other species besides this one brave, intrepid, and beautiful cock rise, stand up, erect a revolution against us. Until then, perhaps they should strip that stupid kid in that picture down to his skivvies and put him up against three angry armed cocks. Eso si que entretenimiento!