In this picture alone you can clearly see 1.97 million dollars in damage from angry, riotous, beligerent, freedom hatin', hippy lovin', patchouli stinkin', man on man relations supportin', communist, socialist, Islamo-fascist, Rachel Maddow watchin', insane, non-Fox News acceptin', pathetic, dribbling drains of society who want nothing more than a free ride. God bless 'Merica and Governor Goofy's movement to fix this country! Yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaw!

It all started two nights ago. The bill passed the first group of corporate yes men. Thousands swarmed the capitol grounds and surrounded the capitol. What did the pathetic Repubes (excluding Dale Schultz) do? They voted yes and deserted as fast as they could. They got on a bus and left. I feel really bad for that poor metro bus driver driving the enemy around. At the same time hundreds of us insane, destructive protesters entered the capitol. Oh, and guess what didn’t happen that I’m sure Fox Noise will say did? Broken windows, damaged doors, and defaced interior structures. NONE of these things happened despite our incredible numbers. The cops backed off to the fourth floor. They knew there was no stopping us, and they knew we were right.

Then yesterday the remaining groups of yes men voted an affirmative on the bill. No surprise there. All we need now is Governor Goofy’s signature and this state is good to go… to hell. I’m surprised it took the Repubes so long to split the bill. Guess they thought the 14 Dems would be scorned, that their plan would backfire. Guess what gigglin’ gopher? It didn’t. Although your bill passed, you lose. What do you lose? Great workers (union and non-union) will leave their posts because incentives (and competition for non-union workplaces) have been absolved. That’s what a lot of these Gigglin’ Gopher supporters don’t get. Because there is union presence in this state, all of us non-union workers benefit. It sets wages because those non-union businesses need to remain competitive. In fact, because of their state pensions those workers earn a smaller wage than their non-union counterparts. Just compare St Mary’s and UW Hospitals. A lot of dipshits will say: “Fuck ’em. Let them go. There are plenty who will take their jobs.” Really? You’re going to train teachers and nurses in time for the exodus? You might get replacements, but at what cost? How incompetent will they be? How will patient satisfaction and education standards decrease.

I spent yesterday yelling at the governor and senate wings.  I got confronted by several people. One was a teabagger. I told him about the benefits of unions as stated above. He didn’t get it. Another chimed in saying he was being forced to pay union dues. I reminded him he got all the benefits of the negotiations. I even told him the unions should be reorganized allowing people to opt out of union dues, but they should have to opt out of the benefits gained from union negotiations as well. His answer was the usual complete silence. A third private business owner came forward and told me he pays 75% of insurance for 40 employees. I thanked him for doing that. He said: “I don’t need a union to tell me to do that.” Well you clearly have some integrity, but guess what? Many don’t and they DO need to be told to do this. A couple grandpas yelled at me saying: “Walker’s just exercising his rights too!” His rights? Explain yourself. They couldn’t. They just said the protests are costing money for police. They refused to acknowledge that there have been NO arrests and NO need for all this police overtime and special police unit presence. Sigh. You can’t argue with a Faux News brain. All it does is keep a body breathin’. Just breathin’, yo.

Sturm Von Zorn, protester extraordinaire action figure.

Finally, I met an angry staffer. He called me an ass clown. Nice attempt at shutting me down, moron. I asked him for suggestions on what else I can do as a frustrated, powerless citizen who is being attacked and robbed of 300-400 dollars per month and my bargaining voice. His answer? Silence.  If yelling my disapproval and standing up against criminal garbage like these yes men makes me an ass clown then, “Huh-huh huh hyuck. Gather ’round kiddos! Sturm the angry clown’s gonna tell jokes and do his crazy routine until the end of time!” My voice is gone, but when I get back to the capitol on the MLK boulevard side, I’ll start up again. My second, that’s my day job, will be a whole lot easier from here on out.  By night I’ll wipe asshole, and by day I’ll badger them. Every day, assholes. I’ll be down there every day I can. You can count on it. I’m an ass clown of my word.