This is a shining example of how teabaggers argue. Pretty nonsensical, huh? Fucking amateurs.

I’ve been getting a lot of flak recently from people that claim the political scene is merely cyclical and that things shift from election to election. It goes liberal to conservative to liberal and back and forth and back and forth. “What we are seeing now,” they say, “will not be the same come next election.” I’ve thought about this time and time again, and have come to the conclusion that they are absolutely right. Things do change, but not like they think. What used to be blue (I’m referring to liberals/progressives) has become infused with countless, unrelenting tiny Botox injections of red (I’m referring to conservative/”moderates”) to create the new, “non-offensive” political color purple. What does this mean? It means that with each election cycle, this country becomes unfailingly more conservative. During the last three plus decades of my life, the conservatives have become more tyrannically right, while the liberals have had to meet them in the middle (here’s where those famous moderates come in to perhaps unwittingly help the conservative movement), a place that shifts every year a bit more into the red. There is no more blue, people, at least not in a global sense. Individually we may be liberal in our dealings, but as a movement, we are merely inching along into deeper red.

I received a comment on my entry about the email exchange with the redneck teabag leader, where one of these conservatard tools named Russ called me an idiot (typical cornered teabagger tactic), claiming I’m part of the problem. “How?” I asked. How have my arguments/beliefs damaged this country? I’ve given him a chance to defend himself, but I doubt he will. I doubt he’s actually able to. That’s the pathetic part about the retard red. They have nothing to stand on.

You see, I stand in defense of women’s rights, civil rights, environmental protection, education defense, corporate accountability, military limitations, the underdogs. Walker and the conservatard movement are attacking these things every single day they are allowed to wield a pen. They are attempting to make the world a more dangerous/destructive place. Pathetic degenerates like Dale and the teabaggers and this Russ guy allow it to happen blindly. They clearly don’t think about their stances, because they don’t have one, at least not a sensible one. All they can shriek about is “needing to balance the budget”, or perhaps the need to be “fightin’ union thugs”. That’s it. Newsflash, asshole. There is NO budget crisis. Walker’s tax cuts for corporations will cost this state some $346 million dollars in revenue over the next 2 years. Look it up. Budget crisis my ass. And believe me, it’s NOT about the unions. That’s only one tiny fraction of the conservatards’ scorched earth agenda.

Oh, I almost forgot. These conservatards are also famous for pulling the religion card. That’s the only defense they have for their beliefs. Yeah, way to discredit yourself even more. Everything you learned and stand for you summoned from a book of fairy tales written by… misogynistic MEN! How grand of you! Sigh. Some of the greatest figures of destruction have come from religion, born from the ashes of ignorance and tyranny to wrest control of every soul upon this planet and bend it to their will. Did I ever tell you guys how much I hate religion?

"Defend my stance? Defend MY stance!? This fuckin' sign says it all. Some guy named Russ wrote it for me! Ain't she a beauty?"

I bet this Russ guy didn’t even read the entire email exchange entry. I argued flawlessly, shooting down the competition. Dale couldn’t even respond, just like his followers. Teabaggers are pathetic. Teabaggers are ignorant. Teabaggers are dangerous. They are the owners of the most dangerous weapons of mass destruction: Ignorance. Something the conservatard movement is banking on to carry their agenda forward. Every war, even the war on decency and the betterment of humanity needs weapons, right?

Whatever. With dolts like these teabaggers, it’s hardly worth arguing. They believe what they believe… without this pesky thing called EVIDENCE. You can present it to them in LONG FORM and they’ll still deny it. There’s no turning their thinking as they clearly are incapable of thought, of active and compassionate reflection. Oh, and before any teabagger tries to call me out on my lack of compassion as if I’m a hypocrite (a word they can’t spell), I’m only lacking in compassion for shitheads like teabaggers, for those who CHOOSE to think and act and believe the ignorant things they do, just like I told that “niggar” hater Dale Robertson, the shepherd whom these sheepbaggers flock to. You teabaggers need to do yourselves a favor and crawl back under your rocks. I’m way out of your league.