"I have decided to stand against Governor Goof... I mean Walker because he is no Ronald reagan. He fooled me once but now I know. He needs to expand government, negotiate with terrorists,increase spending, and be a union leader. Once he does all these things I'll support him again. Oh Ronnie, you sweet, delicious temptress you! How many times can I masturbate to thine image today?"

With all the shady shit Governor Goofy is doing (see previous entry to see picture I.D.), it’s hard to keep up. It’s actually challenging to read everything in full that is published about his agenda, but there was one I did trudge through that talked about his tax breaks/handouts amid a so-called “budget crisis.” Now if you don’t want to read it, I’ll quote the most interesting and surprising part for you:

Opponents say the proposal to give tax credits that guarantee the insurance companies will recoup at least 80% of their investment is no more than a handout from taxpayers. Sen. Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend) said the legislation mirrors an unsuccessful proposal in 2003 by then-state Sen. Ted Kanavas, who led discussions about Walker’s venture capital strategy.

“The bill … is the most dubious giveaway I’ve seen since I’ve been in the legislature,” said Grothman, who has been in the Legislature for 17 years. Grothman was the only one of 26 people who testified at a joint committee hearing in Madison last week to voice objections to the plan.

Glenn? Glenn Grothman? Glenn “the malignant” fucking Grothman is aligning against Governor Goofy? He’s AGAINST fiscal handouts to insurance corporations? He thinks this plan is dubious? I must still be asleep. Somebody pinch my nipples. What’s amazing to me is that this conservatard political figure malignant Grothman is completely safe yet he’s standing AGAINST Governor Goofy (you will never hear me refer to it as Walker again). What’s the deal? What’s going on? This kind of shit makes my head hurt, although that could just be sleep deprivation. It’s a good hurt though. Any alignment, no matter how small, against Governor Goofy is a grand thing.

But alas, I am a realist (some would say fatalist) and I cannot afford to get my hopes up too high lest they come crashing down around me, kinda like I hope is happening to the GOP. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I offer a cautious “thank you” and a wary tip ‘o the hat to Wisconsin’s carcinoma from West Bend.