"Sign this shit, bitches, or I'll choke you like the little sluts you are. Can I get a Schlitz over here?!"

So it’s day one people. Day one of the recall effort. I’m nervous as shit and frankly not very confident. Who’s up for recall today? Dave Hansen of Green Bay. And who’s the competition? This asshole. Yup. A wife beatin’, beer swillin’, witness intimidatin’, tax evadin’ fucking asshole… just your typical conservatard, that’s all.  I love the part in the article that said VanderLeest wants to reform the state online court record search so innocent defendants won’t show up in the system. Hmmm, interesting. Any guesses as to why he’s picking that battle? Innocent my ass. David VanderLeest is an embarrassment. Seriously, every human being with a conscience and even a remote sense of decency would distance themselves from him, but no, I guarantee you he’ll surpass forty percent of the vote (I predict 43%). It’ll be a closer one up in that district than it should be, but I know there are decent human beings that live there who will do their best (one lonely vote per citizen) to make sure this asshole goes down. Shame on anyone that votes for this abomination of conscience. Win or lose, I wonder if VanderBeast will be working on his next redneck badge of honor, the almighty OWI. We’ll find out soon folks!