"You see... I just... there's nothin'... I think that... what I mean is ... well... Walker's right, dammit! I can't rightly say why and it don't matter. I just knows it. I earned what I have by hanging dry wall. I work hard. Real hard! Those state workers got it easy. They don't work. Wait. Have I what? Hell no. I ain't never wiped a grown man's ass fer a livin'. I ain't no faggot!"

Well, it appears Scottea Walker is right. The majority of Wisconsin is siding with him. His supporters held his support rally on Sunday at the Alliant Energy Center. How ironic AND cowardly that they met there. But their numbers were staggering. Are you ready for this? 600. That’s how many showed up. Holy hell that is an intimidating number. I think I need to re-evaluate my allegiance in this war. The teabaggers have numbers on their side and it’s high time we joined them before they over-run us. 30,000 anti-Walker protesters on Saturday, versus 600 pro-Walker morons on Sunday. Hold me.

Holy hell the teabaggers sure are a simple bunch. They don’t put much thought into their words. Even Joe Tarr (the article author) couldn’t get answers from soft ball questions like: “What do you think of Walker’s budget?” Seriously? These dipshits couldn’t answer that question?

Joe the plumber showed up? Are we supposed to be excited and/or intimidated by that? He’s a simpleton. How sad that the teabaggers’ number one celebrity could only get 599 other people to show up. What an embarrassing and underwhelming lot they are.

As for that Pam Grundman of Verona who said “arbitrators always side with the unions”. What an ignorant dumbass. Mediators and arbitrators rarely side with the unions. That’s why it ALWAYS pays for businesses to delay negotiations and go into mediation/arbitration. Just ask those nurses, NA’s, and therapists at UWHC in Madison, WI. Their mediator (a government employee fyi) clearly sided with Donna Katen-Bahensky and her criminal board members, who want to provide protection for your health as cheaply as they can. Hey Pam, you stupid shit! Unions rarely get what they want. Do us a favor and don’t open your mouth except to breathe. If you can skip that, we’d be even more appreciative. Man teabaggers are a bunch of ignoramuses. I’ll miss them when they forget to breathe.