"Hey, y'all. I'm Shelly from Ellsworth. I'm a straight shootin' no nonsense kinda gal. Vote fer me. I'm real knowledgeable on the internets too. I'll stand up fer yer freedumbs by stickin' it to the man by usin' my work email fer campaignin'. Harsdorf won't care. So that's pretty cool, huh?"

In this tenuous political time, you’d think the Dimocratic party would be on their best behaviour, wouldn’t you?   Shelly Moore doesn’t seem to think so. She’s the teacher running against that despicable creature, that waste of oxygen Sheila Harsdorf, the Repube yes woman from district 10, the land of rednecks and social cesspools including the shittiest of the shittholes in this state: Menomonie. In one of these at best ill-advised emails she sent from her school account, she actually said: “We’re not supposed to use school email, but since all of our rights are being taken away, I don’t frankly care.” Seriously Shelly? So because the conservatards are agreeably intrusive/suppressive (despite teatards claiming to hate this), you think the best thing to do is buck the system and act questionably at best? Can you really be that stupid? After all the shady bullshit the Rethugs have been pulling as of late, all the attacks on civil liberties, all the vicious attacks from desperately cornered animals, you go and do something like this? Of course they’re going to call you out on it. Hey Shelly! Have you ever heard of Gmail, moron? It would have taken you two minutes to set up a new account (ellsworthidiot@gmail.com), and then you’d have been free to email whoever, whenever, whatever. Well maybe not whatever… that’s what Twitter is for. Dumbass. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I actually agree with her conservatarded opponents on this issue and advise her to step down ASAP. This race was already going to be a close one, folks. If Shelly won, it would have only been by about two to three percentage points and that’s being awfully generous. This stupid behaviour will certainly now cost her the election, shifting a few more precious percentage points into Harsdorf’s court. Thanks Shelly Moore of Ellsworthless, Wisconsin. You are a bonafide idiot, something the Dimocrats have more than enough of. God dammit, I can’t believe how incredibly stupid Shelly is. This was the one chance for district 10 to have an influx of sensibility in their politics and she had to go and fuckin’ ruin it.

But I never expect the Dimocraps to succeed at anything, and I certainly never expect them to do the right thing. They are the party of spineless ineffectuals. Remember the victories they won in 2006 during Bush’s second midterm and how they did… NOTHING? Just look at the whole Weiner gate “scandal”. The Dims certainly should have chided Weiner for his incredible stupidity, but then they should have turned and fired all cannons back on the Repubes without mercy, pointing out how nearly every shitty scandal wrapped in the toastiest crust of hypocrisy has been spearheaded by a conservatard, especially those worthless drains on society from the hard right. But no, they told Mister Dicktastic to resign, as if it gives the Dims some sort of credibility in the eyes of the teatards. Guess what, shitwits? It doesn’t. It proves you’re weak. It proves you’re ineffective. It proves you in the end have nothing to offer. But at least you are vastly less dangerous than the teatards or the hard right. I’d much rather deal with wimps than self proclaimed messiahs sent by an imaginary misogynist in the sky. And for the record, I think Anthony Weiner got the shit end of the deal here. Was he stupid in this age of technology? Most definitely, but he wasn’t hurting anything but his wife’s feelings and that’s between those two and only those two.

Well, I’m gonna paste this ‘lil entry all over Shelly’s campaign Facebook page. She needs advice from someone other than her Dimocratic counter-productive-parts. Hopefully it will interrupt her while teaching ethics to the brightest of the bright that can only come from district 10.



"Psst! Hey Shelly! You get my tweet? Email me, sugar tits!"