“More money AND further access to little boys?!! Count the Catholic church in!!! Sanctus et benedictus… me!!!

Man technology is great, ain’t it? I mean, I can dump a girl via text, whack it to a quick porn download, make a date with a hooker, check on my gambling payouts, sext my sister, and now be forgiven of any of my pesky sins… all from my fucking Iphone. How amazing! It’s one stop shopping. Hell, I don’t even have to stop. I can do it while driving to a late night rendezvous at a rest area. I love it. Technophilia has reached an all time high. Who better to introduce or expand on yet another -philia or -phile than the greatest same sex, under-aged dating service on the planet, the catholic fucking brothel… err, I mean church? Nobody else could pull this off. Nobody.

There is a problem with this. I foresee one tiny hiccup. Where does all that deliciously decadent info go? For those afeared of big brother fucker, I’d watch out. All of your crimes, sins, sadisms, masochisms, machoisms, -philes, -philias will hover around cyberspace until the gentlemen in those FBI jackets come a poundin’ on yer door. And for you young ones, for you 5-15 year old boys with the tight ruby star fruits, tread lightly. Moments after your confession, a priest will arrive to pound on yer back door. “Their rods and their staves shall comfort thee.” Oh yes. Oh yes they will, kiddos.



P.S. Fuck you pope Joe.