"Tis a sad day for the Republican party. Compassionate ideologies and humanity itself have been raped by industry and corporate politicians and ignorant, racist rednecks. When will they win in their final battle against the National Parks? I worked so hard to protect nature. I used to be a Repube when we had souls and consciences, but thankfully I'm dead now and don't have to be a part of this."

Let’s get something straight. All teabaggers ARE Republican (though they will vehemently deny despite ALWAYS voting Republican) but all Republicans are NOT teabaggers. But, all Republicans are bad people. Thereby, all teabaggers are bad people. How can I claim this? Because there has not been compassionate Republicanism in my entire fucking lifetime. These creatures desire nothing more than to destroy health care, crush the middle class (which ironically create and empower the rich. It’s like blowing up the sun because you hate getting sunburned.), and ravage the environment. Name one compassionate or responsible social, economic, or environmental policy or agenda that the Repubes have collectively moved forward and attempted to institute? You can’t because there isn’t one of those policies. Not for many years.

Now some will discredit me for being an “extremist” and engaging in dull rhetoric. That’s fine. They can go manually stimulate themselves to pictures of Rush Limbaugh all they want. My point is they can only attack like rabid, cornered animals because deep down they know, they fucking KNOW I am right. Mitt Romney, Glen Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Ron Paul, etc., etc., all spokescreatures for the right wing, have no desire or capability for a compassionate agenda. They are homophobic. They are racist. They are cold-hearted villains bent on pain and suffering for anybody except them. It is therefore safe to deduce that anybody, ANY-FUCKING-BODY, that supports these wicked mutations of conscience are incapable of compassion themselves (either by lack of desire or intelligence). They are looking out for their bank accounts if rich, their bibles if they are religious, and who knows what if they are middle class dolts (unless they are racist, then it’s obvious).

I challenge anybody to come up with a present day Republican or otherwise “conservative” politician that desires good for their fellow humans, that is ACTIVELY working to promote well-being, tolerance, and betterment of this civilization and this planet. I do not believe they exist, and if by chance they do, their numbers are so small that they couldn’t dream of starting even a tiny movement, unlike those evil liberal progressives led by Russ Feingold. Conservatives, Republicans, teabaggers. I don’t care what you call yourselves. You are ALL terrible people. Your votes have damaged this country and threatened to return it to the middle ages, perhaps even the neolithic age if you get everything your hearts desire. All I can say is there is no defense for your existences. You are indeed the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. It makes my angry heart die a bit more every day. I hope you’re happy. I know I’m not.