"Please oh please oh please. Vote no on this referendum so America can become a corporate playground devoid of pesky rules to stifle my destructive creativity. Koch bros need more hos, doncha knows?"

On April 5th, there is a very important referendum in Dane County and Madison that needs to be voted on. No surprise, the wording is confusing, kind of like the referendum for civil unions for gay citizens. I’m guessing Kooky Kleefisch the table, clock, and dog fearing religious dolt drafted the wording of that one (fyi, Kooksters. I’d rather marry my dog than someone or something like you). Listen, people. The important thing to remember about this referendum is that if you have: 1) a soul 2) a conscience 3) any concept of decency and/or 4) a fucking clue, you should vote yes on this referendum. I’m not telling you HOW to vote, I’m just saying if you have one of these things above, you will WANT to vote yes.

What would a NO vote do? It would allow corporations to have constitutional rights like human citizens, like you and me. It would also allow them to consider their money free speech, which means they can funnel all the money they want into campaigns and it CANNOT be limited as that would be considered attacking their 1st amendment rights. If you are a vile, soul-less, despicable creature without regard for the environment or human life (e.g. teabaggers, religious right wingers, hard right agenda animals, neo-cons, corporate sycophants, “moderate” repubes), then by all means vote no, the rest of us decent people need to vote yes. We must vote YES. Don’t let the wording trip you up (it’s not quite as confusing as the gay rights referendum but there is potential for confusion). Just remember: vote yes. VOTE YES. VOTE YES!!! I still can’t believe this has come to a referendum. I cannot believe that our lives and the life of this planet’s delicate ecosystems (of which we are but one single part of) pivot on this referendum. Is this really happening? Have we really fallen this far? Fucking hell the future seems more grim with each passing day. Vote YES if you love animals. Vote YES if you love clean water. Vote YES if you want to try and hold corporations at bay from taking over politics more than they already have. Vote YES if you love children. Vote YES if you love state and national parks. It’s that simple. It really is.



P.S. Vote fucking YES!