"Hi! I'm Kim! I like praying 700 times a day until I hear the word of Christ come from inside, somewhere near my underused pussy! My doctor says it's because I'm not taking my anti-psychotics, but I know better. When he's burning in hell, I'll be smiling because god's word will still be gushing from my pen!"

I am so tired. No, not because I’m in the middle of my second of three 12-hour night shifts of ass wiping, but because every where I turn, the conservatard tools just keep spreading exaggerations and outright lies about the Madison protests. I think if these reporters (actually third hand experience commentators) have never been to Madison during these protests, then they have no right to write about them. Period. This Kim Linton dipshit is pathetic, and not just because her writing is abysmally boring and uninspired. It’s because she’s a fucking outright liar, perpetuating information that has been PROVEN false. 7.5 million in damage Kim? Really? That number was debunked long ago and replaced with a much lower number that is also falsely high. The protesters were so disrespectful, that they offered to clean the tape up for, are you ready for this price tag? Free. The death threats haven’t increased as you claim, because they just happened and there has been ONE incident where the email was sent to all of the yes voting senators. Don’t try and convince the nation that all of us heathens here in Wisconsin threaten our dipshit legislators with death just because they make incredibly unethical decisions. Just so we’re clear, I hope this dipshit that threatened them serves severe jail time. It is inexcusable and does not serve to better our situation. And prayer Kim? They need your prayers? Really? Newsflash. Prayer doesn’t work. Period. Do I really need to write another entry to shut you deluded dimwits down yet again? What I and other sane people of this planet need you to do is stop praying and just go the fuck away.

I think what annoys me most about this kooky cunt for Christ is her background. Apparently she began writing in 2001 for some christian website (I refuse to refer to it as a “webzine”. What a lame-brained pseudo word), which is most likely a proselytizing site that transforms facts into unrecognizable fabrications  for the religious right to masturbate to. In other words, she has no background. She’s a waste of fucking space. I’m not even going to waste my time and offer their website one single  click to swell their traffic numbers. Wicked shitstains. Stop wasting space on the internets. Stop wasting oxygen for kittens and puppies that will grow up to do far more important things than you. Stop pretending to give a shit about anything but you and your pathetic yet substantially dangerous christian agenda. Conversations spawned in your head do NOT indicate awe inspiring truths revealed to you by some imaginary misogynist in the sky or that 2000 year old olive skinned gay Jew. Another newsflash, Kim Larsen et al, he wasn’t white and he sure as shit didn’t speak English.

I think I’ll take a little time to find this chick’s email address and offer her seeds of something she’ll never have: wisdom. It will really only serve to make me feel a tiny bit better when I berate her, but that’s what catharsis is all about, right? Oh, and by the way. Yahoo! has definitely become one of the most lame brained web drains in existence. It sucks beyond imagination and it is dangerous because it reaches so many people. Their editors and contributors are clearly a bunch of morons. Remember Chris “the ‘tard” Kyle from my previous entry? I guess all I can do is pray for the survival of the internets from this endless deluge of ignorance. God… I mean Deep Thought help us. Only you can know the answer we seek.



Update: I just found Kim Linton’s husband. Tools. Both of ’em. Dull rusty tools that are used to torture innocent, non-believers. Below is the email I sent to the contact us link.

Dear Mr. Gary Linton,

I am writing to find out if you are indeed the husband of one Kim Linton who has written right wing articles for Yahoo! If you are, I encourage you to discuss with your wife about the dangers of lying. No, not dangers from an imaginary place called “hell”, but dangers from skewing public perceptions of real and very important events in Madison, WI. The article I am referring to is discussed here:


If this is not your wife, I apologize. If it is, shame on both of you for perpetuating lies and damaging people in their fight for the betterment of humanity and the embracing of a compassionate social agenda, something right wingers, especially religious right wingers are incapable of.



Can’t wait to see if the kooky cock for Christ responds.