It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down at the computer to compose an entry of literary brilliance, and for that I do sincerely apologize. I’ve been working my ass off at that job teabaggers and conservatards consider easy: nursing (the kind where I wipe ass, not the kind where my estrogen enhanced tits dribble milk). What the conservatard ilk can never and will never and don’t care to ever comprehend is that this work I do is harder than any other I’ve ever done or they’ve done now that I think about it. It’s vastly more important too, though you wouldn’t be able to tell that with the current legislative powers that be and the administrations of hospitals across this bland country of ours slashing staff and increasing workloads. UWHC here in Madison is apparently working on this with all cannons firing. Make no mistake. Rednecks and teabaggers and conservatards alike ALL think nurses are overpaid for the “easy” work they do. They think our schedules are easy. They think the work is straight forward nonsense. They’re wrong and they’re retarded.

The best of Harley's best. Check out what that Neanderthal's unhelmeted head did to that poor van. Waste of time responding. Should have let him lay and just kept on driving.

I took care of one of these assholes this week. He was a shit bag who in typical conservatard fashion decided to ride his Harley drunk and without a helmet. I know. I know what you’re thinking: “But Sturm. He ain’t gots no brains anyhow. What damned difference does it make if he rides without a helmet?” It’s true. You’re absolutely right. As long as his brainstem remains, he is indeed as high a functioning teabagger as he could ever strive to be. Breavin’. Just breavin’ yo.

I cannot explain to you my distaste for these guys. They come to the hospital because they are retarded after putting other, vastly more important humans (which is everyone) in danger. They always act so tough with their six gallons of tattoo ink pasted in patriotic nonsense across flabby arms, but when you come at them with a tiny needle they shriek. They cry and carry on like babies when they’re in pain. They verbally abuse their enabling wives, and WORSE, they abuse me and my coworkers. This asshole this week kicked and punched and carried on. He grabbed some of my female coworkers adorned with a fifth af his strength and tried to hurt them. That’s when Sturm arrived on scene to hold fuckstick down and tie him up with so much rope, he thought he had turned into one of those “niggars” he probably loves to hate and torture. Holy shit did that feel good tying him down. Dipshit tried to cast me a death stare after he was secured, but it only made me smile. You fuck with my coworkers and you fuck with me. Feel the storm of wrath, bitch. It wasn’t until the haldol kicked in that he got that glossy eyed stare I love seeing from rednecks. The only tolerable redneck is a drooling redneck. Guess what he does for a living? HVAC installation. No surprise there. Not that ALL HVAC workers are redneck, but most of ’em are. Bottom line, this guy is nothing. He’s a blip on the human evolutionary radar. I’d say he’s insignificant, but he actually isn’t because he tied up the health care system to treat his worthless ass… oh and because he bred… A LOT. He has lots of children to corrupt and warp. I seriously hope I run into him in public and see where his tough act gets him. Next time he crashes his bike… and there WILL be a next time… I hope he finishes the job. Fuckin’ scum bag. Just like those assholes he probably voted for.

Mister Misogyny says: "Bitch be crazy! I've been sitting here the whole time, waiting to advance the governor's next agenda!"

So during the past few weeks of my hiatus of easy work and fun times, a lot has happened. Nothing really surprising or uncharacteristic, mind you, as conservatards are a predictably simple lot, but one headline stuck out at me. It seems Prosser got himself a ‘lil problem. Why am I not surprised that an evil and impish looking conservatard resorted… check that allegedly… resorted to violence when meeting resistance? Most conservatards believe that strangling a woman is the best way to get their point across. I mean it’s the conservatard way. Remember that teabagger Henry Rahr from Greenbay that punched the protest singer in the face knocking out his teeth this past week? This is how these redneck assholes “git ‘er done!” Some level countries with tanks. Others punch peaceful singers in the face. Others strangle the lady judge folk. Hey Prosser! Pick on someone your own size… like a muscular dystrophy afflicted second grader. What an asshole. And don’t give me that shit that he didn’t do it. I guarantee you he put his hands around justice Ann Walsh Bradley’s neck. After all, he called Abrahamson, and I quote, “a total bitch.” Strangling a woman is definitely not out of reach for this impish abomination. Really now, is this behaviour becoming a supreme court justice? I think not, but without a doubt his conservatard followers care nothing about this. He can do no wrong. “Bitch shouldn’t a spoke up!” shriek the teabaggers. “She’s lucky he didn’t put her in the hospital fer havin’ an opinion!” scream the Rush Limbaugh fans. “I done did that fer a lot less!” cry the homophobic, closeted homos. Bottom line, Prosser has shown his true colors… again. At best he is mentally unstable. Seriously, he should be on Jerry Springer for fuck’s sake. Who behaves this way besides trash?

These two typical teatards are just doing what conservatards have done best since America's antebellum era: spreading hate, intolerance, and suffering. Punchin' peaceful protesters in the face in the name of freedumbs. Don't tread on me indeed... especially with that magnificent, flea infested mullet, Eugene.

Man I hate conservatards and their teabagger leeches. I’m already sick to death of them celebrating their “victory” with the state supreme court. Senate Ma-whore-ity leader Scat Fat-herald of Doom said the GOP has been vindicated and proven to be morally right in their dealings. Really Scat? Four conservatard judges unexpectedly vote along party lines and that proves your party was right all along? No it doesn’t. It shows partisanship in the judicial branch of our government which is a scary fucking thing. It is indisputable proof that our justice system is broken. Judges are supposed to be rational and unbiased towards a political party. They are supposed to maintain neutrality at all costs. That’s what checks and balances is all about. If there are any teabaggers reading this (I know, silly Sturm, teabaggers can’t read), yes, I’d be upset if it were liberal judges voting this way on some other issue. In this instance, the liberal judges happen to be RIGHT, a place conservatards rarely if ever find themselves. The conservatards violated the open meetings law. Period. There is no disputing this fact. The conservatard judges, led by Prosser, voted in favor of the GOP to push forward their agenda. Now does that sound like justice to anyone with a brain free from the toxifying affects of tea? No way, no how. Justice certainly is blind, though blindness from neutrality has nothing to do with it here in Wisconsin. And although highly expected, it is still a sad day in this state. When members of the highest court in the state call women “total bitches” and attempt to strangle others, it is a sign rationalism has abandoned the Wisconsin (and U.S.) GOP forever.

Sigh. I’m preaching to the choir I’m sure. Conservatards cannot be rational. They cannot be confronted or reasoned with. Their brains are plagued with ignorance and arrogance and sociopathic tendencies. They are a different breed. A slithering breed that will dismantle the constitution they so falsely claim to defend. A slithering monstrosity that will poison future generations with so much disinformation that a progressive and compassionate agenda can never rise from the ashes of this mutating civilization. Hell. This shit makes me wanna choke a bitch!



"We unanimously agree that building bikes is waaay harder than being a nurse. Saddle up boys! Let's go get some fuckin' brewskis! What's that? Wear a helmet? Are you kidding? What are we, faggots?""