"I injected my lips with Botox to prevent the public from seeing me smile while my party destroys the environment, civil rights, and education. But when I realized that those who vote for my party don't care anyway, I thought, 'Silly Larry. They're smilin' too!'"

Not that they ever really quit, but the teabaggers’ retarded agenda and attack carries on without an unexpected turn away from chaos, fiscal inanity, oppression, and over-reaching. It seems all the teachers who called in sick during the protests are having their names released and it’s all being done by a rich teabagger from Franklin, Wisconsin named Larry Gamble. Apparently he has a blog here on wordpress called Liberty Rambles (It certainly does). Please, click the link so it lets him know where his hits are coming from.

Seriously. When are these fucking teabagger assholes going to go away? That’s all I want to know. I’m so tired of their mundane but incredibly threatening agenda. They don’t desire the betterment of this country or it’s citizens, only the perpetuation of the Repubelican movement (teabaggers are ALL Repubes)… a movement that really does threaten every man, woman, child, pet, wild animal, lake, river, tree, etc. on the face of this planet. The mere existence of teabaggers, especially their instinctive ability to breathe, is fundamentally fucking insulting.

First off, this man really has no right to that information (I don’t give a shit what the letter of the law says). You notice how it has recently been primarily the conservatards that request open records? I’m so tired of this banal tactic. First off, sick time usage isn’t like email communications, it’s related to someone’s health. Ever hear of a little thing called HIPPA Larry, you fucking retard? These teachers used sick time. It’s their time. Their health is their business, not some grudge holding, bitter teabagger like Larry. How much do you want to bet that some of those teachers were legitimately sick? But teabaggers don’t care about that possibility, only harassing and attacking these teachers. Undoubtedly these teabagger sheep will send hate mail and probably death threats to some of them (violence and intolerance is their game afterall). Of course Larry in the article says he thinks this whole situation he’s started is “hilarious.” Why am I not surprised? Typical sociopathic teabagger.

You know, even if these teachers weren’t sick, who gives a fetid shit? It was their right to participate in those protests. Tell you what Larry Gamble of 3121 W Southwood Drive in Franklin, Wisconsin, phone number (414) 761-8179 or maybe (414) 465-8683 and email address larry@larrygamble.com. Since you ran (or are going to run?) for public office (Assembly District 82), we’re gonna need EVERY email you have ever sent to be released. I want to know every time you were sick and every time you took your wife to the ER to treat her injuries from, as you probably told the doctor, “falling down some stairs”. I want to know every time you filled a script for Viagra you pathetically flaccid jack ass. Try looking at pictures of deported Mexicans and tsunami victims to get erect you sadistic, conservatarded piece of shit. Hell, you’re not even a piece of shit. I can’t give you that much recognition. You’re a fleck of stool on the inside of Rush Limbaugh’s colon after an oxycodone/senokot bender. All of this information needs to be released. You have to. The public has the right to know what you’ve been up to (which is really probably not much in the grand scheme since you are merely an ineffectual, retarded teabagger with delusions of grandeur like blowing Bill O’Reilly. At least it’ll annoy your retarded ass).

Well, gonna run and send this retard an email and then head out to do nursing work. Wouldn’t want the teabaggers thinking I don’t work. Seriously. Those assholes wouldn’t last 3 minutes as a nurse. They might last one, maybe two tops… TOPS!!!



P.S. Your blog sucks scheissen, Larry.


"I approve of Larry Gamble! He's one straight shooter and a helluva stand up, freedom-lovin' non-niggar guy!"