"I'm Joe. Do you want to have more luck with the ladies? Follow my 12 step program... err religion and I guarantee you at least 3 wives. See, I used to be picked on mercilessly, then I made up a religious sect to get pussy... TONS of pussy!"

Here’s a little tidbit, another mark against religion. As if Prop 8 in Cali wasn’t enough. I think the real question isn’t so much how a school can have such rules (a.k.a. religious indoctrination), but why in the fuck is a BLACK man enrolled in Bigot… I mean brigham young univershitty? (not capitalized to emphasize insignificance) No, I repeat NO non-white individual has any business funding, supporting, or trusting the chief religious bigots called mor(m)ons. Why you ask? Because of the history of their stance on “dark skinned” people, or as they would call them, the lamanites. Such a friendly, regal sounding name, right? Wrong. These people were (and still are in some sects) considered by mor(m)ons to be cursed by god “because of the traditions of their fathers” (book of alma 17:15, look it up). That’s why they’re black.

It wasn’t until 1978 (you read that right) that this lamanite policy was rejected by the present day “saints” or church leaders. These leaders are considered to be actual descendants of the original 12 apostles of Jesus Christ, can you believe that crazy shit? How bold of the mor(m)on chruch. How brave and historically progressive of them to accept blacks as “normal” humans as early as 1978. Shit. I was a toddler then and even I knew better than to believe blacks were black because of some goofy curse from a goofier “god”. Wait. That’s the same year Charlie Chaplin’s remains were stolen. Think the mor(m)ons were involved and thought he was a direct descendant of Jesus and were going to resurrect him on elohim’s super secret spaceship above Salt Lake City? The crazy bastards believe in crazier things. Shame on you Mitt Romney and every other follower of that faith for allowing blacks to be treated as subhuman for so long. Fuck I hate these people. I have a real special aversion to these religious mutations of conscience more than a lot of others (believe me, I hate ALL religion). They are unique, a particular breed of crazy. Kinda like scientologists. Don’t believe me? Check this shit out:



That’s a whole lotta crazy, n’est-ce pas? Started out kinda like Superman. An alien baby was born and sent to earth where our yellow sun gave him super powers! All of it is crazy, but the lamanite (a polite word for “niggar”) belief is appalling. I’m sure some deluded, brainwashed followers will scream: “We don’t believe that about blacks anymore! Let it go!” Well it was a MAIN tenant of mor(m)onism in my lifetime. Why don’t you encourage those you and your ancestors persecuted and judged since 1849 to “let it go.” The sad thing is, I probably know more about their lame-brained faith than they do. And I fucking HATE it! Shows what can happen if 1) you have a brain and 2) you use it beyond forcing your body to breath. Idiots.

"Niggars... err... I mean Lamanites BAAAAAD!!! REAL BAAAAAD!!!"

Anyway, this Brandon Davies at BYU must have really wanted to play basketball. Hopefully he’s not buying into the craziness that mor(m)ons believe in their video. Somehow I think he does. Shame on him. Traitor. I do have to wonder what kind of planet they reserve for their black followers. Maybe it’s actually a bait and switch and they just send them to the “outer darkness”. According to those 12 “latter day saints” (all blistering, bleach white, MALE nephites. How unexpected), he’s just the right color. Fucking despicable assholes.



P.S. It appears the founder of the 12 apostles site above has an email addy. Be sure and email him at gdustin@gmail.com and offer him suggestions for his site, like revealing the truth about the inherent racism in their beliefs. Send him a link to this blog entry just for fun.