"Excuse me, Wisconsin. I just wanted to let you know through my complete silence that I don't give a shit about you."

I can’t sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning for an hour disturbing my fiancee and my cats. I just suddenly was wide awake, lying there with a whirring mind and I believe it’s the Democrats’ fault. No, not the brave 14, but all the cowardly others. The two who bother me the most are Tammy Baldwin and Herb Kohl. This is Baldwin’s district. Why is she such a spineless coward? Why isn’t she stepping forward? She wasn’t there for the gay marriage issue which alone was unbelievable and she sure as shit isn’t here now during this massive assault on labor rights. Fuck you Tammy. And the Dairy Queen… I mean Herb Kohl? He hasn’t said one shittin’ thing about this whole fiasco. What a complete waste of space he is, but what do you expect from one born from corporate America? Asshole eater. I’m so happy I haven’t voted for his worthless ass since my first eligible election in 1994. In twenty some years this man has done barely anything and certainly doesn’t take a hard line stance. Seriously, both of these pathetic Dems can lick that soft fleshy spot seasoned by sweat located somewhere between my asshole and my ballsack. Although, I suspect Herbert would treat that area like an ice cream cone and probably enjoy it far too much. But hey! At least he’d be doing something during these crazy times, right?

Anyway. I’m gonna go overdose on diphenhydramine and take a nap… I hope. Catch yous all laters.